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Article about: Original or not. Thanks

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    Quote by MAP View Post
    I have a there any wear on the underside of the catch where a pin would rub against it?

    Is it possible this was never completed? Doesn't look like there was ever a pin. And the obverse also seems to have no wear as well.

    If a pin was broken, I would expect some wear.....somewhere.
    Good idea !!! I was looking through a magnifying glass, and I think that there has never been a pin ... no signs of use.
    I have seen only two other pieces, and always without a pin. (In facebook group and here Nov )
    It is possible that it is unused series ?? I bought this in a small antique shop in the Czech Republic. The two others were also from the Czech Republic .... interesting. All silver versions. Also does anyone have this type please ??

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    I will defer to those whose knowledge exceeds mine, but I would put this as Ned points out as a 3.3.4 but in between a fully finished version and the rough cut one that Ned showed. Looks like they never got around to putting a pin on.
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    I would say it is a good original unfinished, unworn badge.
    It does not appear to have ever had a pin attached. It did receive it's frosted finish but is obviously unworn.
    It appears to have a few storage knocks to it but overall I would say that mint is not far away from this one.
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