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Panzerkampfabzeichen by FFL43

Article about: Thank you very much Guys. Thanks for lessons and advices . This is shame, i think this seller is good(i`m not talking about The Collector's Guild), but it`s second reward from him become a f

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    Default Re: Panzerkampfabzeichen by FFL43

    Thank you very much Guys. Thanks for lessons and advices . This is shame, i think this seller is good(i`m not talking about The Collector's Guild), but it`s second reward from him become a fake . 1st was iron cross 1st class.
    Thanks a lot!!!!!!
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    Quote by big ned View Post
    Hi Faust,

    The above badge is a very good fake that originated here in the U.K. around 6-7 years ago.

    The main giveaway is the grass and rock foreground below the front of the tank. It is not like any genuine design by any maker, it's pure fantasy. Take a look at the genuine FLL 43 immeadiately below and then the fake right under it, followed by a close up of the fantasy grass design seen on the one you show.

    Attachment 494419Attachment 494420Attachment 494424

    The reverse is also wrong, the hinge and the recess it sits in is incorrect, and the MM FLL 43 is also bad. The catch plate is close to some originals, but that is also placed over an oval recess and is noticable, wheras in the one above it isn't, it's cast in. Here are a couple more photo's of an identical fake badge as the one you show, with exactly the same details.

    Attachment 494427Attachment 494428

    A dangerous fake that has fooled many collectors, but the devil is in the detail, and that's what you need to look at.

    Regards, Ned.
    WOW Ned!! you have "kicked" another real looker into touch there mate.That one would have had me yesterday and today,looks good until you point out the miniscule details! Thanks for your knowledge and study!!! Leon.

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    Quote by youthcollector1 View Post
    The "squares" within the tank also differ from the original FLL.
    You're right, but look closely between the two pic's of the good one (on the black background) and the fake (on the grey) and you can see that the whole tank is completely different. The eagle and wreath aren't far off, but the wreath binder is different, and as I pointed out before, the biggest red flag is the totally made up grass foreground.

    The U.K. made fake is actually a direct copy of a Hero/Staegemeir fake that has been given a different foreground. This can't be easy to achieve, and shows how gradually the bad guys are getting better at it. You've only got to look at the honest dealers who are getting fooled by this one in particular to see what's starting to happen.

    Regards, Ned.
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