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panzerkampfabzeichen hollowback , authentic?

Article about: i had seen this on a forum and seller and i are unsure of its authenticity. can anyone help give an i.d to maker? also authenticity? any insight would be greatly appreciated looks like a onc

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    Default panzerkampfabzeichen hollowback , authentic?

    i had seen this on a forum and seller and i are unsure of its authenticity. can anyone help give an i.d to maker? also authenticity?
    any insight would be greatly appreciated

    looks like a once silvered zinc construction hollowback
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture panzerkampfabzeichen hollowback , authentic?   panzerkampfabzeichen hollowback , authentic?  

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    I have only see a hinge plate like that in my reference material for two makers. Wilhelm Deumer and Hymmen & Co. But neither of them have the catch as this one has. The obverse is different as well.

    I'm still learning these awards, so best wait for other.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Thanks i am sure sure we can pin it down

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    It looks like a Wilhelm Deumer to me.
    The trimming looks a little poorly executed though and I can't seem to make out the Daisy on the reverse.
    Here is my silver example to compare.
    Panzerkampfabzeichen in Silber, "Daisy", Wilhelm Deumer
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    This is a fake based on the hollow zinc Deumer PAB. Note the strange no necked eagles head. It's a fairly common fake that seems to use the head found on the Vienna design Heer Flak badges. The missing daisy as mentioned by Ralph is also another problem. This badge is also shown in another thread here with crappier pictures, causing me to say it's original, which it clearly is not! Gwar, I chastise thee for trying to pull a fast one, ye varlet!

    Panzerkampfabzeichen for review

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    Big Ned , I do not wish to ram horns,,, Please look at the pics I have provided This V.s. That.. G
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    big ned and gwar thank you so much. i have seen a few of these floating around on the internet and forum.. makes me wonder where these are coming from.
    you guys have given me the proper information in regards to what to look for etc.
    very convincing counterfeit, it should be destroyed .....

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