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Please help me identify how my grandfather served!

Article about: Hello all I’m new here. I was referred from another forum to try and find some answers. My grandfather died a few days ago and we found these old pictures of him in the Polish military. None

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    My understating was that you had to go to Poland to search the records.i also do not speak or read polish so I’ve encountered a few road blocks lol.

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    Hello Apssbc,

    Many thanks for your post, I wrote to the Polish Ambassador asking for address and contact details back in 2002, I then posted off a letter and after about 5-6 weeks received a 42 page photocopy of a service record.

    I doubt you would receive that amount of paper work, but it is well worth a try and once you have them you could ask someone to translate them, and then there is always the internet to translate.

    I will leave that decision up to you Apssbc.

    Best wishes


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    Your grandfather was not a military professional service, only the service of the essential, mandatory.
    So I don't think it would be anything in military archives.

    I searched for parishes and municipal offices

    btw. eagle from photos is strange- probably type orzel wz.49 'kapusta"

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    Orzel wz.49 kapusta,Was worn from 1949 to 1952

    Last photo: probably Fire Brigade, specific belts and coveralls, and "orzeł' on cap

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    sorry for next post, but last one :P
    Last photo 100% fire brigade
    Cap, belts and water pump- moto pump, probably M-800
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Please help me identify how my grandfather served!   Please help me identify how my grandfather served!  

    Please help me identify how my grandfather served!  

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    Thank you so much for the information everyone. This is very cool to see. I too am a firefighter and he was at my swearing in ceremony. Unfortunately he was too senile to really know what was going on. I will write the ambassador to give it a shot.

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    I figured I’d add the pic from the day I got hired and sworn in. It has even more meaning now.

    Please help me identify how my grandfather served!

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