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1944 Wertschein

Article about: Hi, I added a scan of a Wertschein, possibly a NSV issue, 1944 if I am not wrong. Have seen WHW issues but this is a first one for me...any comments? Neil.

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    Default 1944 Wertschein


    I added a scan of a Wertschein, possibly a NSV issue, 1944 if I am not wrong.
    Have seen WHW issues but this is a first one for me...any comments?

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 1944 Wertschein  

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    Default Re: 1944 Wertschein

    Yes, its from the NSV's Hilfswerk Mutter und Kind, meaning "Mother and Child Relief Organization".
    The Hilfswerk Mutter und Kind (or, for short, Hilfswerk MuK) was founded in 1934 and was responsible for aiding pregnant women and young mothers and their children, obviously only the "Aryan" ones.

    Here's what the coupon's main text says:

    "Dieser Wertschein berechtigt nur zur Bezahlung von Lebensmitteln, Bekleidung und Brennstoffen. Er muss in voller Höhe gegen diese Sachleistungen eingelöst werden. Eine Differenzvergütung in bar darf nicht erfolgen. Jede mißbräuchliche Verwendung des Wertscheins wird strafrechtlich verfolgt. Der Wertschein wird in allen einschlägigen Geschäften, spätestens bis zum 31. March 1944 in Zahlung genommen. Für die Abrechnung der in Zahlung genommenen Wertscheine sind die Anordnungen auf der Rückseite zu beachten.
    Gau Oberschlesien C


    "This coupon can only be used for payment for foodstuffs, clothing and fuels.*) It has to be redeemed for these goods to its full amount. Financial remuneration of a remaining balance in cash must not be undertaken. Incorrect use of the coupon will be prosecuted. The coupon will be accepted in all relevant shops by 31 March 1944 at the latest. For settlement of the coupons that have been accepted for payment see instructions on the reverse side.
    Gau Upper Silesia C"

    *) as in fuels to be used for heating purposes (like coal, oil or wood), not gasoline.

    [For the sake of completeness, see here for a (German language) article on this organization: Hilfswerk Mutter und Kind ? Wikipedia ]

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    Default Re: 1944 Wertschein

    It is listed in Tieste as WHW-Mutter und Kind Gau Oberschein Wertschein 1944 (T209). A mint example has a book value of 50 euros
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    Default Re: 1944 Wertschein

    So this is not a 1944 issue but a 1942 issue?

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    Default Re: 1944 Wertschein

    Hello, the wertschein is extremely rare.
    I collect paper money 40 years and have never seen one

    apparently had a validity of up to 1944

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    Default Re: 1944 Wertschein

    really? I did not know it was a good item. I mainly collect WW2 related passports & Manchurian items (1932-1945)

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    Default Re: 1944 Wertschein

    Hi huddyduddy, I actually have something that may be of interest to you, I came across it quite by accident. It's a pre-WWII travel permit for a Jewish guy to go from Wien (Viena) to Palestine. Not my cup of tea really, just have been hanging onto it for all these years. I'll find it tomorrow and photograph it and post it here. Where would be the best place to put it?

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    Default Re: 1944 Wertschein


    Please send me scans to and we can see how to proceed, thanks.


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