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21st Panzer Regt EK2 & Ost Doc

Article about: Hi All Wanted to share with you, My new Find, While surfing the Net hoping to reunite some Documents. I came across these two Docs. After translating the sellers Description, I could see no

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    Default Re: 21st Panzer Regt EK2 & Ost Doc

    Hi H.B

    Thanks for the Reply, Frozen Meat Medal Docs

    I have not had time to do any more Research on this Man, I'm unsure on this Unit Stamp! Any Ideas Gents!....Think i'm seeing 35?

    I do no some members of the 21st Panzer, Ended up in 11th Panzer. Not sure of this man yet.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 21st Panzer Regt EK2 & Ost Doc  

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    Reserve Panzer Abt 35. They were the reserve element of 21st Pz Regt

    Panzer-Ersatz-Abteilung 35 - Lexikon der Wehrmacht

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Thanks for that Ade

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    Heh heh, I couldn't make out anything on the unit stamp before. One thing that gets me on my two FMM Docs-is that neither one has a unit stamp on them either. Grrrr-can't do more than guess on these two based on their dates as well as whichever other Doc has the closest date to the FFM Doc. Want to know somehting I find strange about mine? Well, the 4-doc set im going to have in my paws in the next few weeks is that three of four have him serving in dfferent Kompanies and Regiments-and of course-the FMM has no stamp

    Heh heh-sorry for the above "play" on the slang name for the East Front award doc--it hadn't been intended but--come to think of it, it is rather funny at that :-D

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    Default Re: 21st Panzer Regt EK2 & Ost Doc


    Maybe you Could try and Post Images of Docs, Before you buy. As Most, if not all Ost Docs, have Unit Stamp on them.

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    Default Re: 21st Panzer Regt EK2 & Ost Doc

    Hi Justin, i'll make an atempt to have scans done of mine providing they fit into he photo cd copier machine that I have to use at Wally-World. I am in te process of getting scans done of what I have--when time permits.

    Currently I have about 110 photos copied and scanned out of about 400-odd pics-and none of my militaria---yet-but I do have two CDs already made and as soon as I get the third one done-ill be sending all three at the same time to one of this sites esteemed members-who had the brainsand means to be able to post pics ;-)) ANywayif I can-i'll have or try to have scans of my Docs and militaria done on a 4th CD--that is-providing Wally-Wold has no objections to me copying anything on their machines because most of them have those basty horrible swaz's on them.

    Believe it or not? I tried getting this done at another place a few months ago, and I got accused of not only being a racist just because I collect WWII German Militaria-but I was also called a Nazi--in front of a croud of about 30 people who overheard The lady say very loudly (trying to embarass me--which failed) and she said: "You not a Nazi are you?" and I replied: "im a card - carrying one" as I reached for my wallet to pull out a business card-and as I pulled our the card-everybody within hearing distance was wathcing me pull out a card-to which they only saw the blank backside of it-and watched me show it to the sales lady-who was actually expecting to see a card Identifying me as a member of the Nazi Party-when in fact-I pulled out just an every-day normal business card that advertised a friend of mines Plumbing business. When I pulled out the card and showed what was on it to those looking at us-they laughed at the lady because I threw it right back at her and SHE was the one who was publicly embarassed-not me.

    Well, after the croud disoersed a bit-that lady-to her cedit-actually apologised to me. Since then-whenever im shopping in the sty=ore she works at-and if she is there-she makes it a point to come help me or just to talk with me if she sees me. It's a good feeling isnt it? ;-0)

    Sorry for the sideline story but-to answer your original question-I should have about 3/4th of all my stuff scanned within a month or so.

    Take care and Cheers--H.B-1944

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