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Adolf Hitler's signature, opinions needed

Article about: It also looks like that someone had another piece of paper on top of that page writing on it because you can see what looks to be outlines of a pen being pressed down on it and than the sign

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    Default Adolf Hitler's signature, opinions needed

    I have the chance of buying a biography of Hitler autographed by the guy himself.

    Does his signature look legit? I plan on getting it formally authenticated but first i need to make sure that there's a good chance that the signature is real.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Adolf Hitler's signature, opinions needed  

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    Circuit advertisement Adolf Hitler's signature, opinions needed
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    I've never heard of Hitler signing books at all...I believe this is an attempt to "Jazz-Up" an otherwise fairly common book by adding a bogus signature...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Welcome to the forum. I don't see how you could ever be sure if this was real, there is so little to go on and its so easy to fake, and the picture is of poor quality.

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    Do you have any closeups of the signature?

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    If you open the picture you can zoom in. I will try and get a close-up on the signature from the owner

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    The signature doesn't look real to me; it clearly differs from known Hitler signatures.

    Adolf Hitler's signature, opinions needed

    (Taken from the thread )

    One instantly recognizable difference is the way the "H" and the "i" are connected: Hitler's "H" ended with a downward stroke, followed by an angular upward stroke for the "i".
    Here, the "H" flows into the "i" in a bend. (Apologies to graphologists for using layman terms; I am sure it can be described better... But you catch my drift.)

    Also, the surname in particular appears to be written by an unsure hand, not as smoothly as somebody would write his own signature.

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    parkinson's maybe?
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    I do know that Hitler's signature deteriorated as the war progressed, in the end it was merely a scribble...This to me is trying to be a later period signature but it's on an early-produced book...I see no reason to believe this is an original signature...yet. I'd like to know how much the seller is trying to get for this item....
    cheers, Glenn

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    all i can tell you is that the asking price is not in the thousands of dollars range and he doesn't have a COA. from what he's told me, he bought it from a military collectibles expo.

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