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AFK a military abbreviation?

Article about: Hi, Would someone have an idea if AFK was a military used during the war? it appears on this ausweis. Thanks, Neil.

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    So what does Lager Wadowitz mean? there is some indication, on the internet, but sadly without detail, that there was a camp there, small one.
    How do you connect it with the applied rubber-stamp?


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    Interesting, can you please post a link to that info.
    I have a phone-book thick listing of all nazi camps, ghettos, subcamps and prisions, but the only info about Wadowice is ghetto and police prision.
    IMO your Ausweiss is just a simple civilian workers ID from some german company having it's warehouse in Wadowice and has nothing to do with KL Auschwitz. Of course I might be wrong.

    Each employee in 3rd Reich needed to carry an ID from a company he was working for. On occupied territories no Ausweiss during control at the street would mean immediate arrest and deportation to Germany as a forced worker.

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    Well, my German is not good but there is mentioning of a lager there:

    Nr. 29: Treck der Gemeinde Tschippendorf über Karol-Tiszapolgár-Waitzen-Ödenburg nach Vorchdorf in Oberösterreich.

    Maybe you can help here, I might be wrong.

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    This link too might help.

    Wadowice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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    Maybe I have missed something but the first link says nothing about Wadowice, but rather some German community in Hungary.
    The Wikipedia link is not very precise. It mentions the ghetto however the rest of the info is rubbish. The camp they mention was actually a transit camp (Dulag) for Polish POWs in 1939. I guess someone writing this info misunderstood the word Dulag and haven't checked the date when the camp was working.
    I'm researching POW and concentration camps since some 20 years and would know if there would be a POW camp there.
    The other info is also only partialy right. It wasn't a camp but a Police or Gendarmerie prision where all sort of people were kept, also KZ prisioners when transiting from camp to camp.

    As I have said German word Lager is mostly used to express storage area, depot or warehouse. People often mistake this with camps as this is the first idea they get when looking at 3rd Reich era documents.

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    Hi Al,

    I accept what you write, LAGER has many meanings.
    Could just be some depot or army warehouse in that city.Still, the wording for Auschwitz is interesting.


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