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Authenticate and ID Photos

Article about: The following photos were included as part of a grouping to a 101st vet. I confirmed he was in the Berchtesgaden area, and the Eagle's nest, via photos he took while overseas. See the groupi

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    Default Authenticate and ID Original German Photos

    The following photos were included as part of a grouping to a 101st vet. I confirmed he was in the Berchtesgaden area, and the Eagle's nest, via photos he took while overseas.

    See the grouping/photos here for further provenance:

    WWII 101st Airborne Grouping

    WWII 101st Airborne - Developed Negatives

    I have no doubt that the photos are real, however I would like to confirm a few things, such as whether or not they are mass produced photos, as well as who the individuals are.

    First up is a photo of old AH himself. My theory is this is an original photo taken of him during the christening of the Aviso Grille (Name is visible on the life preserver to his left). Have been unable to find a match to this photo. Even further, my thought is this may have been removed from one of the photo albums in the Eagle's nest, similar to those albums removed by Alton More of Easy Company. A long stretch, but plausible.

    So, original photo, or mass produced?

    Authenticate and ID Photos

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    Next up are two photos, both of who I believe to be SS-Brigadeführer Otto Kumm.

    Below is a photo of Kumm from his Wikipedia page:

    Authenticate and ID Photos

    Next, are the two originals I have. Again, have been unable to find any matches online. That said, original or mass produced photos? And is it indeed Kumm?

    Authenticate and ID Photos

    Authenticate and ID Photos

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    Next is a Soldbuch photo. Another collector suggested this may be Rudolf von Ribbentrop.

    Time period makes sense; reverse of photo is dated 1942, so this would match up with his rank as he didn't achieve the rank of SS-Obersturmführer until 1943. Same goes with the absence of the KC, which he was awarded in 1943.

    Original photo:

    Authenticate and ID Photos

    Side by side comparison of known photos of Ribbentrop:

    Authenticate and ID Photos

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    The remaining two are unknown. First is obviously a Soldbuch photo, however unsure if the individual is known.

    Authenticate and ID Photos

    Second is a studio portrait of a Luftwaffe officer. Again, unsure if he is known, however leaning towards him not...

    Authenticate and ID Photos

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    That's all of them. Thanks in advance!

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    The first one can not be Kumm, when Kumm was promoted to Brigadeführer he already had his Ritterkreuz.

    I think you are right with v. Ribbentrop, the ears are very characteristic.

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    Thanks, Landser! I was looking mainly at facial features on Kumm; eyes, double chin, etc. Below are some side by sides. There are similarities, but also differences.

    If not Kumm, any suggestion as to who it may be?

    With respect to Ribbentrop, the ears are indeed the definite give away.

    Authenticate and ID Photos

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    Bumping this in hopes others may add their opinions on these photos. Thanks in advance!

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    Differently Ribbentrop! And no its not Kumm. You might try Axis History Forum in the SS sub section. Many smart people into SS personalities there.

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    Thanks, Timothy. I'm going post them in the History and Research section here first, and if no response, post them on AHF. Currently not a member there, and would prefer to not sign up on another forum (already a member of 5), especially one that's TR specific, since I'm not much of a TR collector.

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