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Business card of an SS officer?

Article about: I came across this online and it looked pretty cool. Anyone ever see an SS business card? Wanted to make sure its authentic before purchasing. The business card belongs to: Rudolf St÷weno SS

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    Quote by MAP View Post

    It is from the rock group AC/DC. A most excellent song of theirs.

    I also like the Joan Jett cover version.

    Oh, I totally know this song! Ha. Definitely before my time but an awesome song nonetheless.

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    Circuit advertisement Business card of an SS officer?
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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    Stoweno was the commander of this Standarte ca, 1939-40.

    This fact is well known. This carte de visite does not look especially convincing to me, really.

    I can be wrong, of course, but I am doubtful.

    I cannot comment on the music taste of young people.

    My tastes run in a different direction, mind you.
    Thanks for the comment. I've never seen one of these before so I had to share and see what people thought of it. Well, I'm passing on it. He guy has it up for almost a $100ish for anyone who was curious.

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    My first question would be why would somebody fake a card for a guy who is not that well known. He was killed in late 1943 as part of the dirlewanger brigade and is mentioned in the book "the cruel hunters " twice which equals maybe a paragraph.

    Would seem to me there would not be a big market in reproducing his card versus some much more well known SS figure.

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    It looks good to me, from what the photos show. I have a similar card from Himmler, but of better paper card stock. The paper on This one looks on the rough side. Is it worth $100? I guess it's a matter of what a person collects. To a collector of Nazi paper and documents, I would imagine it would be of decent interest.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Regalia of what might otherwise be middling or low ranked Allgemeine SS persons is faked in Germany. We have had cases of it here before.

    That the man was in the Dirlewanger Brigade accords this individual some kind of perverse interest that also has a customer bases in my experience.

    The names of these Allgemeine SS persons are widely circulated in Germany. There is a two volume encyclopaedia of Allgemeine SS leaders as well as the rank lists as a basis.

    What I write is an impression, as I have some experience in SS things, or I aspire to.

    Authentic cartes de visite of the era are pretty distinctive in terms of engraving, quality of paper and overall craftsmanship.

    I may be in error, but I am asked on an hourly basis to comment.
    damit, basta.

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    Nor do the SS runics look properly executed to me.
    damit, basta.

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    This reminds me of a slip of paper I found in a document group I picked up recently following a 9 year old boy in the HJ, up to his time in the Wehrmacht towards the end of the war. Folded up inside one of his diaries is this:

    Business card of an SS officer?

    Large Document Group for one German boy growing up to become a soldier: HJ, Wehrmacht, Russian POW

    I didn't really pay it much attention since I wasn't sure what it was other than something like a business card. Not sure why he would have had it either, because nothing else in the group stands out to me as SS related. The circled letters really are curious though. Maybe just a friend of his, who knows.

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    11B, most likely what room to go to for the doctors tests, or where to go on the first day.

    "" Here you go young lad, i have placed a red circle around the number so you know what office to ask direction for on monday. Good luck. ""
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

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    That's an astute possibility. I bet you're right.

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