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Displaying Documents. IMPORTANT!

Article about: Well, important to me, lol. I was organizing my documents today and put them in a 'magnetic' photo album. I was unsure if it was the right move, but after talking to Eric, I think it may be

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    What do you recomend? PVC, Polyester or polypropylene?

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    Well the ones I use from Arrowfile (as shown on my previous post) and which are acid-free are polypropylene - Links to the sleeves I use for SB/WP & citations... 6x4.5 Digital photo Pockets & 8 x 12 Large Photo Pockets (2)

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    Thanks! I was looking to your pic now and I notice something:

    Displaying Documents.  IMPORTANT!

    How do I put the paper in the middle of the plastic?

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    While the backing of the sleeves are black, in that particular case I have the citation mounted on a slip of black card using photo corner attachments. Other citations in the collection are not mounted in a similar fashion and just sit on the bottom of the sleeve.

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    Hi! I have a nice feldpost collection that i want to display in an album with plastic sleeves so that you can browse and also se the letters back. I have read here that I need to get plastic pockets that are ACID free. So, today I went down the city's best book shop and asked for acid free plastic sleeves. They told me that acid free plastic sleeves are not avalible to buy in Sweden, but I can buy acid free papier from the local museum. They told me they have plastic sleeves made from "Polypropylen" that is PH neutral and that this might keep my documents safe. They are called Copysafe 56066 PH FREE. Would this work?

    If not, I would greatly appreciate a link to A4 size plastic sleeve that is acid free and suitable for storing and displaying feldpost. (The company needs to ship to Sweden.)

    I don't want to come of lazy by asking for this, I am really not. The problem is that I don't feel confident looking for something complicated like this on a site that does not have my language.


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    I believe this guy ships world wide. I have gotten from him in the past.

    eBay My World - bayonnehistory

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    The company I mentioned above sell what you are after... Heavy Duty A4 150 micron pocket refill

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    Thank you for the link Hucks.

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    As this thread is entitled "Displaying Documents", I thought that it may be of use to post a few comments regarding the colouration of paper items, as this is the "evil" we all fear. I posted a thread not so long ago (currently on page two of the photos-paper items forum), that explains these issues a little bit more in depth than I shall go into now, but basically, here are a few pointers...

    1) Never leave documentation in line of direct sunlight. If you absolutely must display your example in a frame, keep it away from the windows. Note-scanned images can display well, and preserve your originals.

    2) Limit the handling of your paper items.

    3) Airtight holders/display materials are important (see the colouration thread).

    4) Remember that the quality of the original paper defines the extent of "yellowing" more than most think (see the colouration thread).



    p.s. Some great posts here gents, together with some very useful links for the paper items collectors amongst us.
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    Thanks good advices I have wrote it all down

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