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Documents/Signatures help request area

Article about: Thanks for looking Mark.

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    Quote by hucks216 View Post
    For a normal standard one (i.e. relates to no one of note) then you are looking at around 500-600.
    Thank you, thought it was a bit of a micky take when I saw the price!

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    Circuit advertisement Documents/Signatures help request area
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    I know a German Seller offering a Himmler-signed document for 495 Euros...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Quote by alguertito116 View Post
    Hi....I bought this Hitler signed document some months ago.Do you thinks its hand made? Not autopen.....Thanks

    Attachment 1043586Attachment 1043587Attachment 1043588
    The Photo is from 1937, a late year for Hitler to sign such items as he was no longer campaigning and increasingly isolated himself from the public...To me, it appears "too perfect"...
    Just my opinion, but I'm not a big fan of this example and suspect a forgery...Any Background Story to this Piece, Friend?
    cheers, Glenn
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    Many thanks Glenn, this autograph is part of my collection of historical documents, I bought it even a collector a few months ago. I have looked at it with a magnifying glass and I think it is made to pen and not printed, due to the crossing of lines. I am thinking of sending it to PSA / DNA but before I wanted to be sure, as it turns out I am missing 250USD and I would not get the certificate.Sorry for me English....I am from Spain!!

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    Good afternoon, everyone.

    I'm looking around for a signed Erwin Rommel photo and have a general idea as to what his signature looks like, but I am by no means experienced. I found this photo on Ebay. The guy is asking $850 or best offer. What are your thoughts on the signature? I know this can be a tricky topic and if there's any doubt one should save his or her money. I'm simply curious. Though I'd love to add a legit signed photo to my collection one day - when I can afford it!


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Documents/Signatures help request area  

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    The signature looks very fresh. His signature is so heavily faked now, and the fakers are getting it right after years of practice, that it is usually best left alone unless you have a clear line of ownership from the person who got the signature to the current owner.

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    Very true. I'll let this one slide, then. I'll keep looking. I just wish there was a better way to find reputable sellers than scouring the internet.

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    Documents/Signatures help request area

    Documents/Signatures help request area

    Sorry for coming back with another I found. This one seems better - the ink has faded in some places and, while this isn't a sign of authenticity in itself, the photo is dated.

    Opinions? I found the photo on SJS Militaria, if that helps.

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    Be careful with SJS militaria they are know to sell their fair share of fakes, manly buckles and badges and repro photos. In say that I would have liked to see the back of the photo because the seller has not listed a photo with the back side showing. Personally this one is difficult would not be for me the Rommel "t" or the elongated "R" which gives his signature its stylish look should be very straight, fakers have the tendency to over loop the fake because if you are stenciling a signature, a straight line is always the hardest to do. Also he was not known for dating signatures that is a very American/English esk practice. Again a difficult one but not one i would take.

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    Thank you, Morris. I’ll keep looking just to be safe.

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