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Drivers license -

Article about: I recently picked up a drivers license for a gefreiter Hermann Fiess, a munitions driver in the Luftwaffe. It was real cheap because of the punch holes but I still think its cool ...... Chee

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    While I don't collect Führerschein by themselves, I do have quite a few within various groupings and it is always good if they have a nice photo and an added bonus if they have a good signature of someone well known.

    Here are two images from my collection, the first belongs to someone who served in IR 57 before joining Großdeutschland when it was formed in 1939. It bears the signature of Werner Sanne who won the Deutsche Kreuz in Gold & Knights Cross before being captured at Stalingrad as the Commanding Officer of 100 Jäger Division. He would die in Soviet captivity.
    Drivers license -

    And the second image shows the reverse of a Fahrlehrerschein to a Major in Pz.Rgt GD and bears the signature of the famed Panzer Court, Hyazinth Graf Strachwitz who won all grades of the Knights Cross up to, and including, Diamonds.
    Drivers license -

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    Hi youthcollector

    Im sure the punch hole topic has been discused before on the forum...Veary Nice hucks

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    Part of a PKWA in silver group. Stewy
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Drivers license -   Drivers license -  

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    Quote by Justin P View Post
    Hi youthcollector

    Im sure the punch hole topic has been discused before on the forum...Veary Nice hucks
    I am unaware of such a discussion. Could you please provided a link?
    I can honestly say from what I've been taught the holes where a common practice for these types of identification papers. I can also assure you I have paperwork with holes that has been in nobody's collection besides mine which makes the theory of collectors creating the holes fault IMO as I wasn't collecting in the 70's and didn't do them. It was obtained by myself directly from the family so even though I can't necessarily "prove" a collector didn't do it, I am completely sure one didn't.

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    Punching holes in personal ID documents - such as ID cards, passports, drivers licences etc. - was and is a common German practice to mark these documents as cancelled/void.

    For example, I still have two of my old passports, all of which have such holes. When picking up a new one, the registration office officials always asked me whether I wanted to keep the old one (which I always did) and then handed it back to me after punching holes into it, thus rendering it useless as an ID document. During my time as a Red Cross volunteer, we did the same thing with expired or otherwise void Red Cross ID cards.

    That said, it is of course possible that the holes in some ID documents were indeed punched by ignorant collectors.

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