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DRK Missing Persons Books

Article about: Hi Everyone - I'm a brand new member, and this is my first thread! My late father collected German WWII Militaria, and I'm doing my best to learn about the items we have and make sure they g

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    Default DRK Missing Persons Books

    Hi Everyone - I'm a brand new member, and this is my first thread! My late father collected German WWII Militaria, and I'm doing my best to learn about the items we have and make sure they go to good homes. We have about 100 of these missing persons books. Most are green, some are red. I'm looking to learn as much as I can about these books. What to look for, how to advertise them, which may be more desirable and rare, and a general price we should expect. I've at least found that the last page is a summary index of the regiments covered in the book. I also noticed a small number stamped on the inside of the back cover. Any idea what that might mean? Thanks!!

    DRK Missing Persons BooksDRK Missing Persons BooksDRK Missing Persons Books

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    No offense... We do not appraise or otherwise, Welcome to The Forum.. Research should be done for one's self in order to determine worth / value.. Try some collectors sites for similar items and form an opinion for yourself... Cordially... G
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    Welcome to the forum. Wish you luck in your quest to learn more. As Gwar has noted. Evaluations of value are not given per forum rules. We do however, attempt to provide other forms of advice and help.

    So hopefully some guys here can provide some insight into what these are and give you more information.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Hello and welcome to the forum!
    As stated, we generally do not give free appraisals on the forum. Nor do we allow actual sales in the regular forum. We do have a classifieds section on the main page.
    Third Reich militaria - Militaria Collectibles buy - sell at War Relics
    The biggest reason that I can see for not giving an appraisal on an item like this is that there is so much information to go through that it must be done in hand.
    I would suggest that if you would like to research the units in your books is that you comprise a list in some order and post it here. I am sure that some of our members would be able to tell you which might be the more interesting units listed. Then maybe you could make scans of those pages and post them here as well.
    We also have German reading members that could possible translate some of the information and identify why there are red and green ones. Possibly what is written on the cover, spine, or on the first couple of pages.
    Interesting item though!
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    Thanks for the guidance, gentleman, I appreciate it. I'll make sure to keep "value" questions off of the forums going forward. I'll start working on cataloging the editions and post a full listing when it's done. Thanks again!

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    These books are/were sought after with Ebay being the best option as loads are sold on there, however in the past year or so they have all been made available for free online in the searchable DRK Database website...
    Willkommen bei der Onlinerecherche der Vermisstenbildlisten des DRK-Suchdienstes

    While not offering a valuation, there are 7 volumes on Ebay listed with 'Buy It Now' at $10,000. Please do not take that as a realistic value. It is wildly wrong and so far removed from what they are worth that only an idiot would buy them. Even if you took one of the 0's off it would still be too much.
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    Wow! $10K? I'm going to be rich!
    Thanks, Hucks - I'll give eBay a try (with a little more realistic expectations)

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