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English or German Flying Maps

Article about: Hi Ben, yeah i see what your saying, but again why waterproofed ?, its relatively dry on board aircraft and i would think they would try to avoid a water born landing, so what would be the p

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    BTW does anyone know how much these are worth? I am going to try and sell them for my brother, he wants a new generator for his garden, anyone any idea?


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    Hi guys, bringing this thread back to the top as I need advise, at the moment these maps are stuck in my house, I dont want them, my brother does not want them, does any know where would be the best place/site etc to sell these on? At the moment they are sat on top of a cupboard in the spare bedroom, such a shame.



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    Interesting, because I know only the maps with the eagle on the top. And they are Flieger, it is written, I must ask to a friend collecting such maps.

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    Maps are always tough ones as they don't command a very high value unless they are something rare and very good condition. I can't find the exact type that you have here to get a price comaparison, however, similar wartime luftwaffe maps (paper maps without the covering) appear to vary in price from 5 - 50!!!. You said in an earlier post that they cover all of the U.K., if they are a complete set you may find that selling them as a set will get a better price, this will also mean that you get rid of them in one go without ending up with a few that won't sell! The other option is to sell them individually. Personally (although it can be a bit of a gamble) I find Ebay is the best place to sell items like this as it's safe, quick, and easy (although I know many on here will tell you to sell them through the Forum - the problem you will find is finding the best price for them as they appear to vary so much). Don't sell them to a dealer - it will just make you sad when you see them for sale the next day at ten times the amount!
    Your best bet is to have a search of the internet and find the maps you have and see what price they are commanding at moment

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    Many thanks guys, to be honest I never thought of Ebay

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    I see with my Friend, Merkator maps have the eagle, not the others like yours and the yellow maps for the Channel.

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