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Feldpost translation

Article about: Hello this one arrived today can you please give me an idea of what it says?

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    Default Feldpost translation

    Hello this one arrived today can you please give me an idea of what it says?

    Feldpost translationFeldpost translationFeldpost translationFeldpost translation

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    Hope someone will help you but, honestly, with some effort this one should be translatable for most... The handwriting here seems pretty neat and easily decipherable --- Sütterlin is of course quite a different thing.

    What I did with one of my FP, although I have not finished yet, was that I picked out the most easily decipherable phrases first and then went ahead piecing it all together as a whole --- google translate helps in making sense of the more foreign words. That one wasn't as neatly written as the one you have though, so... worth an effort.

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    It is hard for me to read this ://
    i see something for KV so i suspect it is from a military hospital or so i am looking forward for an answer

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    Hey, if you can't read it you can't read it I'd suggest, though, that you post bigger scans -- I'm viewing these on my widescreen tv and there's still some strain from trying to read this. Bigger scans=easier on the eyes.

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    it was bigger but i could not upload them due to their size (40 mb ) so i had to make smaller ones

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    Must have been scanning with some mighty high dpi then. Ether way, 2000x3000 (approx.) shouldn't be much bigger than 1 mb, maybe 2. The ones you posted are smaller than 100 kb... far too small

    This is an easy to use resizing tool, I'd say the best :

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    this one is 300 the envelope and 200 the letter itself :P

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    The letter was sent by Oberschütze Karl Evers of the Landesschützen-Bataillon 784 at Limburg an der Lahn in Hesse to a priest named Dr. Girken of Soest in North Rhine-Westphalia.

    As I found this letter rather interesting for various reasons, here is a full translation:

    "Limburg, 10 June 43.

    Dear Pastor!

    At last I find the time to address some lines to you again. This March, I was detailed to Wiesbaden as
    K.v., but soon afterwards rated G.v.H. again*). Because of this, I was then transferred to Darmstadt, from there on to Montabaur in the Westerwald and from there on to Limburg an der Lahn. Here, we are on guard duty at a POW camp. Every other day, we mount the guard, thus turning every other night into day. Due to the constant sacrificing of a night's rest, this kind of duty is not exactly easy. However, all things end eventually, and thus we shall come through this, as well.

    Every once in a while, we are having air raid alarms, too, which means down there they will be more frequent. I have also heard of the fatal raids against Dortmund and the dam. Deeply moved, I learned of a number of shocking details surrounding the events at the Möhnesee**. Surely, you will have had the best opportunity to learn about the actual events from up close. For those affected, it meant a veritable deluge***). The horrors and cruelties of this war keep rising on a daily basis, and I keep asking myself, when will the peak be reached?

    Perhaps salvation shall be granted us in a mere few months! Hope for this is justified. For everything must end eventually!

    Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small****)!

    Now, Pastor, I have a personal request. Later, when I come home again, I would like to have the pictures of the Christmas play. Surely, you will still have the negatives so that new prints could be made. I intend to use those for my album. The pictures that I already got from you on Christmas are always carried in my wallet and thus are not in the condition I would desire for my album. For I keep using them in all kinds of situations.

    Weather here is wet and cold and is everything but summer-like in nature, however it is quite appropriate for these times!

    Now I would like to come to an end.

    My brother is in the South of France near the coast.

    I wish you all the best for your and your dear ones' health.

    With the most cordial of greetings and all the very best wishes for you,

    your Karl Evers.

    *) These are military fitness categories as used in draft board medical exams. "K.v." means "kriegsverwendungsfähig" ["fit for war service"] and is the highest-level category, meaning the subject was fully fit for active military service to include combat units. "G.v.H." stands for "Garnisonsverwendungsfähig Heimat" ["fit for homeland garrison duty"] and is two categories lower.

    **) He is referring to the catastrophic results of the "dambusters" raid in May 1943. The priest to whom the letter was sent lived in Soest, which is only some 10 kilometers north of the Möhnesee lake.

    ***) The term used - "Sündflut" - specifically referes to the Biblical deluge.

    ****) "Gottes Mühlen mahlen langsam, mahlen aber trefflich fein" is a well-known and popular quote from the poem "Göttliche Rache" ("Divine Retribution") by the German author Friedrich Freiherr von Logau (1604 - 1655). I have used the English translation of the quote as it appears in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "Retribution".

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    Thank you very much !!! i really dont know how to return back
    I will definitely keep this on record
    very interesting letter has some information about the raids that took place near priest's city and Dortmund
    Also thanks for pointing out what kv stands for and the other 3 clarifications
    i liked this quote "Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small" never seen it before
    Thank you again it was very kind of you translating it !!!!!

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    Andreas to the rescue again !!!

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