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Fuhrerbunker Photo

Article about: Dave. looks like a great project. Looking forward to seeing your end results.. John

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    G'day Harry, no mate, I just can't get that pic. I managed to get a terrific pic of the Reichstag which I bought from the Imperial War Museum in London which I will use as the backdrop to display the plate. It is not exactly what I wanted but it is a great photo and does really show the destruction that war brought to Berlin so it will look quite good I think. I bought another pic from the I.W.M. which does show the bunker entrance but it is not quite what I was looking for. When I get the display completed I'll post pics of it here for you to have a look at. Thanks for asking mate, cheers, Dave.

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    This sounds cool Dave.. looking forward to seeing it when its all completed. Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Dave, I'm surprised your printer said he can get better results from a printed page
    in a book, instead of the one you have shown. The method for printing photos in
    books is from 'dot matrix' negatives - in order to have some contrast in the pics,
    instead of images with little detail and gobs of ink bleeding into the paper.
    ( Lol - at least, this is the way it used to be done ! ) When blown up to
    poster size, the thousands of tiny black dots of ink that make up the
    print will be enlarged, thus making your poster 'grainy'.

    Much better to make the poster from an 8"x10" photographic image, or a good
    scan from same instead of taking it directly from a book, IMO.

    I suppose it's possible he may need the matrix print to get some contrast
    into the poster. What size do you want it to be.........?


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    Gday Steve, my mate said that prints that were done in older publications were done with a different method of printing and that sometimes they will enlarge quite well. As it turned out, I couldn't find a suitable pic anyway so I'll probably stick to the Reichstag pic. It is not the bunker or Chancellery but it is quite a poweful photograph and as a backdrop should look pretty good. The copy I bought from the I.W.M. is really fantastic in that it enlarges magnificently, I don't think I can attach it here as it is so big and I'm not sure if I would be breaking any copyright laws etc but I'll have a look online and see if I can find the same image so you can at least see which pic I'll be using.

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    This is the same pic boys, the copy I bought from the I.W.M. can be enlarged to a huge size, I'm looking at something around 1500mm x 1500, so It should be a pretty impressive backdrop.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Fuhrerbunker Photo  

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    I look forward to seeing the display.

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    Wow! 1.5x1.5m will be impressive to say the least!

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    Hello Sandgroper (Dave)

    Although not as dramatic as the picture you wanted I have a copy of a picture that my uncles father or uncle took of Hitlers bunker (according to the note on the back - I have added some other pic on the Allied photos thread - Share your Allied photos). Unfortunately I don't have access to a scanner but the image shown here is a photo of an enlarged copy of the original image. I maybe able to get hold of the original to try and get a better copy. I also have a photograph of the Reichstag (again the image here is a photo of an enlarged copy of the original). If you drop me a PM I can email you the images if you want

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Fuhrerbunker Photo   Fuhrerbunker Photo  

    Fuhrerbunker Photo  

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    Great pics with great family history to them.

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    They are great pics for sure! Thanks for emailing them to me mate, I appreciate that and they do look very good. I now have a few pics to choose from, I could also use more than one. Unfortunately I couldn't have the pics enlarged to the size I originally wanted, the largest I can get is just over a metre in length which will still look pretty good I think.

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