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"Gathering the Fragments"

Article about: Over 51,000 Items from the Holocaust Period Donated to Yad Vashem in the Past Year i have donated coins and pins

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    please comment

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    There seem to be two threads on the same topic


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    I'm happy to see that the concept is a success, and I believe this has significance for the Jewish People as a whole...
    Thanks for sharing!

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    You are a good man.
    Building a collection for this kind of museum is difficult indeed.
    I assisted in establishing a holocaust section at what was the Finster Jewish museum in Tulsa Okla. It has since changed its name and has moved to a new large facility in a different location in Tulsa. It was exteremly difficult in finding real holocaust related items for their collection but persistance paid off and I did locate some veteran bring back things from Camp Dora at Nordhausen for them. I also had friends from Germany that helped smuggle many of their German and Austrian Jewish friends into Switzerland at their own peril. Gustal and Kate Bender were very good people that lived in Bavaria during WWII and personally drove their friends over the border at different times. Kate had a suit case with some clothing with the jewish stars still on them that had been left by accident at their home which she hid in their attic during the war and forgot about them until I wrote to her asking if she knew of anything that had provanance that could be used for holocaust related displays at a museum. She called me and said that she would look in her attic for the old suit case her friends had left behind and see if there was anything in it. A few months later i recieved a package from her with some clothing with the yellow stars still on them which I donated to the museum in her name and are on display there.
    I felt very satisfied when the project was completed.

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    some guy from germany
    pass to me a collecting box, and pins
    and tomorow i need to revice the package,
    i will donate it when i get it

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    in usa,
    the wasimgton musuem
    will take donates items?


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