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german newspapers 1930-1944

Article about: these are not rare or expensive, but fun and fascinating to collect : ) though, der sturmer is kinda "brutal!"

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    Here I used a WWI Veteran's Newspaper as a base for a small WWI Veteran's display...An eye-catching headline can assist greatly in setting the desired tone of the subject matter you're displaying without dominating it...Another reason I keep the Swastika flag folded in the corner is because they tend to dominate the display and may create a wrong impression as to where the intended focus is meant to be...Hope that makes sense to anyone besides me, lol...
    cheers, Glenn
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    I've got several of the nazi era newspapers. They are intersting, especially as the war progresses.
    I also have 2 or 3 copies of Das Schwarze Korps. One is for 6 Jun 40, kinda neat as 4 yrs before the invasion.
    Also have at least one after the invasion. I have 2 of them framed and hanging in the gun room.
    I used to see some of those in the flea markets in Germany in the 70s & 80s, especially in Frankfurt. They were usualy cheap so I bought whatever caught my interest.

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    I donated some newspapers (Rote Erde) to Calvin University. Randall Bytwerk has done an amazing job of archiving and interpreting propaganda from the period. Go to the Calvin web page and look up German propaganda. Amazing stuff! NH
    Calvin College

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    Indeed, Neil...I liked this January 1st 1944 issue of Rote Erde so much I decided to frame it...
    cheers, Glenn
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    I still have some early TR era papers and some cool war time. Will try to post. NH

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    Default Donau-Wald-Kurier

    As promised - a few newspapers from my collection. I only have three issues of Donau Wald Kurier but this is an interesting selection. The first one from October 1943 features General Dietl. The second two photos of an April 1943 issue are interesting on several levels. The front page has articles and reaction to the discovery of the Katyn forest massacre captioned as the "Polish tragedy." Also, the Tiger tank is introduced on the inside page. The fourth photo shows the front page of another October issue focusing on the Southern front and bitter fighting against the Soviets. The back pages include death notices and small propaganda slogans. NH

    german newspapers 1930-1944german newspapers 1930-1944german newspapers 1930-1944german newspapers 1930-1944

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    Bytwerk's site is excellent, indeed.
    damit, basta.

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