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German propaganda Granate 42 with content, found in Karelia

Article about: They was found unissued in large box in Karelia last year, I have some of them recieved. There was usually mix of 3 different types. Take a look and enjoy!

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    Default Re: German propaganda Granate 42 with content, found in Karelia

    They was found in the wooden box, each of them has a two blank ammo, attached with a kind of transparent tape ( like a modern) . Each of the grenade contain approx 40-65 pieces of the leaflets. Normally 65 pieces is very hard to remove, and it's practically impossible to take off them without a breaking the shell, also they are hard to separate from each other due the time and oxidation makes the paper role as a stone.

    Glenn, sorry, I didn't have time to translate, and totally forgot about that.

    So the picture says:
    One of the voluntary turn to the German side, being agricultural work.
    Other side is normally the same as in the other leaflets, and says that this free pass is valid untill the end of the war for unlimited number of warriors, commanders and political stuff ( the words soldiers and officers was recovered in the Red Army in 1943 year only as the officer's ranks too, when the Stalin refurbished the army and return pre 1918 year words, and regalia like shoulderstraps, and Georgian cross ribbon, imperial type of jackets etc... due after 1918 year peoples hate all the similarity with Imperial yoke, as it was called by Soviet propaganda)
    By the new Hitler's law, all the POW's getting good treatment, PoW's reciewing job etc.
    Turn to to the German side without pass. just anougth to hands up and say : Bayoneets down to the earth!

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    Default Re: German propaganda Granate 42 with content, found in Karelia


    "Valid to the end of the war for unlimited amount of warriors, commanders and politworkers of the Red Army. According to new order of Adolf Hitler those who change side voluntarily, will receive specially good treatment, - they will get a special certificate. German high command do not publish lists of prisoners of war. Those who wish to will be provided with work according to their profession in either agriculture or the heavy industry".

    Outside the square box.

    "It is possible to change to German side even without this certificate/permission. All you have to do is to put your hands up and shout "Bayonets in the Ground!".

    This is more or less what it says.

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    Default Re: German propaganda Granate 42 with content, found in Karelia

    Thank you Dimas and Datrus!

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