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German Translation Help

Article about: Hi All, I acquired a large grouping of items to a 101st vet. Several German documents were included with the group. I was hoping someone may be able to assist in translating them, specifical

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    Default German Translation Help

    Hi All,
    I acquired a large grouping of items to a 101st vet. Several German documents were included with the group. I was hoping someone may be able to assist in translating them, specifically the items in the follows post:

    WWII 101st Airborne Grouping

    Feel free to reply here or in the original thread.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Thought I would bump this and add photos of the documents. Hoping someone can assist me!

    German Translation Help

    German Translation Help

    German Translation Help

    German Translation Help

    German Translation Help

    German Translation Help

    German Translation Help

    German Translation Help

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    I would offer someone a donation for a beer by paypal for translating that lot!!

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Ha! I agree, although I'm certainly not looking for a verbatim translation. A brief synopsis of the content would be very much appreciated!

    I'm fairly certain the last three documents are propaganda leaflets. The first three documents I believe are invitations sent to Hitler for a NSDAP function and a dinner at the Japanese Embassy.

    The letter below the Feldpost envelope I'm most interested in. It's written to Wilhelm Keitel.

    The documents following that letter I believe are a Wedding notice and death notice.

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    # 1 a) is an invitation for a formal dinner from the Japanese ambassador to Hitler.

    # 1 b) is the reply, thanking for the invitation, but notifying the ambassador that Hitler would be unable to attend for being away from Berlin at the time.

    # 1 c) is an invitation for tea from the head of the NSDAP's Foreign Press Bureau Ernst Hanfstaengl and his wife to Hitler. Added is a handwritten note that Hitler had already replied to Hanfstaengl, notifying him that it was uncertain whether he would be able to attend.

    # 2 is a field post envelope addressed to Generalfeldmarschall Keitel, apparently the envelope in which item # 3 was mailed.

    # 3 is a letter to Generalfeldmarschall Keitel (full translation to follow soon).

    # 4 appears to be a dedication page from a book (very likely the wedding copy of "Mein Kampf"). It says: "To the newlywed couple Welzel - Weber, presented with the best wishes for a happy and blessed marriage by the registrar's office of Fritzlar on 20th April 1939" (which, of course, is also Hitler's birthdy) and signed by an communal official/employee acting on behalf of the registrar.

    # 5 is a ghostly poem whose title translates as "One German boy's legacy". These are words from a dead young soldier to his parents. It is referred to in the Keitel letter. (Full translation to follow soon).

    # 6 is, well, French.

    # 7 is an Allied propaganda leaflet urging German troops to surrender and telling them how to do so. (The "EI SÖRRENDER" is phonetic for "I SURRENDER".)

    # 8 is an Allied propaganda leaflet about the Ardennes offensive, telling German troops why it was undertaken, why it had failed and that it is now senseless to keep up the fight.

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    The letter to Keitel translates as:

    "Olmütz*, 12 Nov. 1943

    To His Excellency


    Führer's headquarters

    Out of the many thousands of German boys who have fallen for Germany in the present war, I have selected one and made a memorial for him in a few verses.

    Brought into a suitable form, it was photographed and was liked by all of my acquaintances.

    It would be the fulfilment of my most fervent wish if the
    Führer were to set eyes on it, so I thought about how Your Excellency is so close to the Führer and would therefore not keep one devout Sudeten German's verses from him.

    I beg to properly thank Your Excelleny and signed with the German salute of

    Heil Hitler!

    [signed: Illegible]"

    On top is the handwritten annotation:

    "For Major Bergmann. Very nice, unfortunately no sender given. 21 Nov."

    *Olmütz is the German name for Olomouc in Moravia, now in the Czech Republic.

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    #6 appears to be a French underground leaflet inviting folks to the funeral of Hitler. I assume the reference to Mussolini means he will be present to direct a Mass sung by "macaronis" during the funeral. I assume macaronis is an anti Italian slur. Looks like a late war satirical put down of both regimes. NH

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    And here's the translation of the poem (naturally, it doesn't rhyme in English):

    "One German boy's legacy

    Dear parents!

    Much sorrow did you suffer through my death;
    my battery commander himself informed you.
    You were so good to me in all the years,
    and I know for certain - You will not forget me.

    Never could I find words
    for the feelings that I had for you.
    I loved you much - yet proudly I have to admit
    I loved my people and homeland as well.

    And in a manly way, I could fulfil my duty,
    when the
    Führer called me to arms.
    Quietly, I looked forward to me seeing action,
    and then to every letter from home.

    Never did I complain, not even in the toughest hours,
    and only thought: "Soon, spring must come."
    The snow melted away - The cold had vanished
    and warm sunshine smiled down once more.

    Then the bullet hit me in the enemy's land
    and took from me what both of you had given me.
    My body lies somewhere in the steppes
    the soul is with him who directs it all.

    As my legacy, it is this that I want to tell you:
    I happily gave my young life;
    for the people and the
    Führer, I had endured
    that which may seem impossible to you back home.

    Yet, as my death in the face of the enemy commits you
    to dedicate everything to the German people - as I did -
    you have to be as faithful and devoted as the
    Führer himself
    until the day the skies on the horizon become clear.

    You must not be sad, nor must you mourn me,
    that I had fallen for the Fatherland.
    "Let victory be our avenger", is what you are to say,
    for it alone gives meaning to my sacrifice.


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    Thank you for taking the time to translate these! The poem is sad on so many levels.

    I did make an effort to use Google translate, but some sentences just came back as nonsense.

    I have a whole folder filled with German documents that need to be translated but I figured these would be the most interesting, which they were. I need to find someone local who can assist as it would be too time consuming (not to mention presumptuous of me) to ask anyone here.

    Again, thank you!

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    Yuengling325. I see you are a fellow PA resident. I am in Salisbury Township near Allentown. I think if you spread the documents out over time that all of us on the site would be most happy to look over them. This could prove to be a very interesting thread for all of us. NH

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