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Hilfskreuzer Atlantis Photo Album.

Article about: I just received this photo album that belonged to a crew member of the Hilfskreuzer Atlantis. I was very happy to get this as it's only the second one I've ever seen. I would like to thank B

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    Default Re: Hilfskreuzer Atlantis Photo Album.

    Haha thanks, Glenn. I do believe you're correct.


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    I truly think this is a contrived album. Nothing posted corresponds with size, design and structure of Atlantis or indicates this is a photo album documenting her cruise.

    If this album is the same one I have seen a couple of times previously offered up as an “Atlantis Photo Album,” I can emphatically tell you the photos which show the equator crossing are not from Atlantis. They are captioned as such, but they are wrong—way wrong.

    A lot of pre-war/early war port visits, street scenes, time off and then the photos go to showing on-board views of a small warship……It all just doesn’t add up.

    Post #24: I am pretty sure you can see land/dock on the right side of the photo.
    Post#29: Look at the shape and design of bridge structure in the background—not Atlantis.
    Post #30: This stern is too close to the water, has a minesweeping vane evident and does not correspond to Atlantis’ stern.
    Post #31: Not the stern of a 17,600 ton vessel. Minesweeping vane in view?
    Post #38: If this is supposed to be a view looking toward the bow on the port side—too small, lifelines??...etc, etc…
    Post #39: Look at the life ring.
    Post #40: Although the guy who is identified as Dr Reil has the same face shape, this man’s nose is much different from Reil’s. Then look at deck and structure in this photo. Compare that with Atlantis. Not a match. This photo screams, “small warship” not “large merchant”
    Post #52: Great photo!
    Post #53: Look at the stern. Very telling differences.


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    Default Re: Hilfskreuzer Atlantis Photo Album.

    Thanks for getting back to me, Joe. I'm just getting ready to leave for work but I have a few quick questions first. Do you have any photos of Dr. Reil? How can I find a crew list of the Atlantis? One of the photos has four last names on it. I'd like to look for those names. Sadly I did see the life ring in #39. Any chance of seeing your Atlantis photo album?
    Thanks again!


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    In responding to your query:
    a) I do have one very good photo and several group shots of Dr. Reil ranging from his time aboard SSS A.L.S to Atlantis.
    b) The most accurate Atlantis crew list comes cross referencing the entries in the Atlantis KTB with one of Mohr's (limited edition crew listed) cruise books. (Rogge was super good about about recording small details---like which man was the first to spot a ship, who was exceeding his duty requirements, who was in each division, who was on each Prize Crew, and who was punished for various offenses.) The Mohr cruise book lacks the names of the men who got into significant trouble or were imprisoned.
    c) Yes, I did see there is a photo that has a caption naming the four crewmen. This caption **names** four men accurately. The names were men on the crew. I have great doubt this is a photo of the four named Atlantis men, I think the caption is used to increase the value of the album. There are too many factors that raise doubt: Time from crew selection to sailing, their uniforms, the lack of any other "Hey, we haven't sailed yet, but we are great comrades" photos of pre-sailing Atlantis crew --AND-- Rogge's concern for operational security....

    ....I am just sad to say, I think the photo album is a fake, made to sell for profit. The full length photo of Atlantis **could** be in nice addition to a collection---BUT--what type of paper is it printed on? Does it glow?


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    Joe: Thanks again for all of your help. I concur. Next time I'll ask you before I buy.
    I hope the Atlantis photo is ok. I have no way of testing it right now but I'll get right on that. UV light? Any suggestions?
    I've been in contact with the seller but I don't think he's too keen on a refund.
    How much would you say an authentic Atlantis photo album would go for?
    Would you mind posting or sending me a photo of Dr. Reil? I've looked but still haven't found one yet.
    Thanks for everything!


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    Luke: I've actually bought two fake ATLANTIS photo albums previously--jumped in with both feet before really evaluating them. On the first one I became suspicious and pulled some photos and it became clearly evident that the writing and dates on the reverse of the photos didn't correspond with the captions in the album--at all! It became obvious that it was an old period photo album loaded with pictures to make it appear like it was from a raider. I was able to seller off the individual photos and recoup about 25% of what I spent on the album. The second one I was able to return to the seller.

    Sure, I'll send you a couple scans of Dr. Reil.


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    The seller did not wish to issue a refund. Here's his info:
    Roland Füchsle of Augsburg, Germany. Ebay name- z375 and Ebay store- German Colonies and Militaria. Beware guys!


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