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Hitler photograph

Article about: has he's not wearing a party badge you are probably right Glenn.

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    Well Ive been really looking for one so I guess dealer price would be acceptable for me

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    Circuit advertisement Hitler photograph
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    there's something about it I don't like.

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    there's something about it I don't like.

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    What would that be ?

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    Photo of back is uploaded

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    It's a photo of Adenoid Hynkel, well known pre war AH impersonator who went on to a career as an Elvis impersonator (for obvious reasons) post war...-but seriously, how could this be a picture of AH when nobody is looking at him and not a protection detail thug to be seen between him and the oh! so common Volk?

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    This is not a photo of Hitler.
    Bone structure of the face isn't the same as Hitler. Face is to full. Smile is not the same as Hitler.
    As mentioned before. No guards to be seen. Adolf would not have taken that kind of chance.
    Just a look alike having fun.
    I do not believe that the photo has any value at all.

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    Yes that was my first thought I can't imagine no one looking at the then leader of their country plus with no body guards.... thanks for the help

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    An early Hitler impersonator...Excellent job figuring this one out!
    cheers, Glenn

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    The pic's value is that, then-one would assume a very respectful 'tribute' impersonation at the time!

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    Surely this was taken postwar...Impersonating Hitler would have been unthinkable while he was in power...
    cheers, Glenn

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