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Hitler photograph

Article about: has he's not wearing a party badge you are probably right Glenn.

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    Default Hitler photograph

    Hello all

    Attaching photo ...wanted to confirm this indeed is Hitler himself. Not worried about date of production just that if it is him .

    Thanks for your opinions !
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Hitler photograph   Hitler photograph  

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    Circuit advertisement Hitler photograph
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    Given the location, pose, and the behavior of the people in the photo it looks to me that it's a statue of Hitler rather than the man himself. Dwight

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    Yes I guess that's possible... its a little odd that there's no military officers near him nor is anyone looking at him

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    Doesn't look like a statue to me, could be the man himself. Unpublished Photo Of Adolf Hitler And Children


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    Hitler did not allow statues of himself to be erected, anyway.

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    It looks like a waxwork dummy to me, the guy behind it looks like he's keeping it steady, on the unpublished photo link that is!..
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    Tom has it right...Appears to be an early photo ('33-'36) when regular "pilgrimages" still took place to the Obersalzberg to see the "Volkskanzler"...Nice!
    cheers, Glenn
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    Well it does have the bertshgaden printer stamp on back. ...and it almost appears the bertshgaden home is the building in background

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    The person is selling this for $65.00. Good price ?...

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    Photos can be tricky to price...It simply comes down to the question "How bad do you want it?"...$45 would be better, but $65 is about right from a dealer...
    cheers, Glenn

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