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Hitler postcard help

Article about: Hey guys just needed help with this postcard I think it is. It's 3 1/2" x 5 1/2", I thought this might be a pic at first glance until I saw the back. This is a postcard right? I kn

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    1936 Olympic... German American.. nice one

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    The type of armband can be seen if this video: German American Bund - YouTube
    A nice and desirable postcard IMO
    Thanks, Glen.

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    A quick note, I would Not mess with the green spot-whatever it actually is. These old postcards were made of Cheap Low-grade paper, and almost any adhesion on them will definitely lift off postcard paper as well when it comes off and you may well be damaging a fairly desirable autographed photo! (It's obvious, the only thing it's obscuring is the end of the word "Bund" anyway)

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Noted. I started to try and remove the green thing but realized how tedious it might be so have left it alone since & will just leave as is like you recommend. Just 2 questions please, is that Kuhn in the picture? and is this a postcard vs. pic?(seems obvious, just want a for sure please)I have learned a few things already from this post I would have probably never known had I not submitted this for review. 1) There's always new things to learn about ww2 era(this I realized a long time ago). 2) Attention to details is essential when examining items,it's often the little things that might be overlooked that can be crucial in providing more info about an item (I count 5 things I missed or didn't realize with this item alone) 3) More opinions and sets of eyes (with experience of course)are helpful and IMO silly not to call upon if available for use. As always, I'm impressed and grateful for everyone's help and knowledge here. Thanks again guys. Jeff Bohn (1 more ? as after thought should i try to remove the $25 somebody wrote in appears to be pencil on back upper right side or just leave as is?)

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    Hello Jeff, Yes, that is, indeed Friz Kuhn in the photo-he's the one on the right looking all stern and imbecilic at Hitler. And, yes, it is a postcard. This was quite popular in the past, to have your photo's printed into postcards to mail out and impress all your friends and family with the wonderful things you were seeing and doing. I suspect that Kuhn was rather proud of his meeting with Der Fuhrer and no doubt had these made by the piles to show off just how important he thought he was.(Despite his beloved idol Adolf not particularly Liking him or giving him more than 20 minutes of his time when Kuhn came a calling on him. Hitler was, in truth, rather embarrassed and annoyed at Kuhn for making the Nazi Party in the US look like a bunch of clowns and trouble makers when Hitler was trying to keep up a low key image in the US for the moment.)
    I haven't the slightest clue how many cards Kuhn autographed, but I don't image that too many survived to this day. It's an interesting piece of strange US History and I wouldn't mind having one like it myself! It's a nice find!

    As for the $25 price notation....that's a toughie. You Could try a very soft and gentle pencil eraser, but you will almost certainly end up with a light spot where it was. Personally, I'd probably leave it as it is, but that's just me. IF you Do attempt it, go at a Snail's pace-slow and Easy is the rule...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thanks for quick reply Wagriff, I think I'll leave the $25 mark there like you suggested. No sense risking further damage to item when the mark has already been made on it. I think your description of Kunz expression was right on with imbecilic. Imbecilic admiration is what i'll think every time I look at this from now on. The guy in back on left has interesting posture as well, sort of standoffish looking in a way, even though he's wearing the uni with the lookalike stache and hair parted same side as A.H., anyways thanks again as you have been a great help. Jeff

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    You have a very interesting real photo postcard (a RPPC as they are known to collectors.) The fellow on the left is Karl Weiler, a brush maker, part-time bartender, and Vice President of the German-American Settlement League--an offshoot of the German-American Peopleís League led by Fritz Julius Kuhn. Munich-born Kuhn had been a World War One machine gunner who claimed he had marched with Hitler in the 1923 beer hall Putsch. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant in the Kaiserís army and was awarded the Iron Cross First Class which he is shown wearing along with what appears to be a World War One War Cross Of Honor For Combatants. He was a naturalized American citizen, who was ultimately de-naturalized, sent to prison, and deported to Germany where he died in 1951

    In 1936, Kuhn led a group of over 400 German-American Bundists to visit the Berlin Olympics. Here they paraded in uniform behind an SA band, placed a wreath of the grave of the unknown soldier, and passed in review before Hitler and Herman Goering. Shortly thereafter, Kuhn, Weiler and German-American Gauleiters Karl Arndt and Rudolph Markmann where photographed with Hitler to whom they presented a $3000 charitable contribution together with the so-called Golden Book signed by the donors.

    As the photo credit on your card indicates the picture was taken by Hitlerís personal photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann, who must have managed meets and greets like this on an assembly line basis. (Hoffmann is credited with taking over 2.5 million photos of Hitler, so it is reasonable to assume that he snapped this one, too.)

    Hitler (and just about everyone else) disliked Kuhn, but the back of the card together with the image on the front creates an impression of solidarity between the two leaders and their parties. All in all this is a rare piece of history, albeit one that will be hard to value owing to the infrequency of Fritz Kuhn memorabilia. Hope this helps.

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    Fascinating, I have had this RPPC in my possession for a couple of years now and knew practically nothing about it other then Hitler was in it. This just adds greatly to know the story and others in it. Never would have guessed it had so much more story behind it. A tribute of course to all the knowledgeable folks here. Thanks for all the help everyone! Jeff B.

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