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Ink stamp

Article about: excuse me i'm new in this forum. i need to know than this stamp is original and the cost if is original oro not thanks

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    Hi Guys,

    I have a similar (I believe) 'repro', the only difference being that there is a disk on top that says Willy Pudert schles stemp, Gorlitz, Mittelsr 8.

    Any ideas?

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    more pics please !

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    Hi Pierre,

    I picked it up at a show for 17Euro...Guy swore it was genuine, found in a basement etc! Of course, I didn't believe him but it looked nice so I bought it anyway!
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    Original or repro, Just look at what rubber stampers go for. Good buy!

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    original ? i am not sure , many repro made with this type of wood handle ! in Soft wood , but your example have a factory plaque with the name of seller on the top !
    your handle is made of soft wood or hard wood ??

    my first opinion : is a fake ! but i am not sure

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    Hi again,

    I unscrewed the head and yes the wood seems a little soft.
    I've been trying to do a little reserch on the "alledged" maker but just keep coming up with other ink stamps for sale; anyone know anything about Willy Pudert???
    I even saw one that looked the same as mine for over €1000
    So, in my opinion, judging by the wood and the thousands of repros on the Market it quite possibly IS a fake...
    Why though, do they make these fakes with the same style handle???...Were there any originals with this style of handle?

    I came acros this by chance, paid very little and was suspicious from the begining, but decided to go for it because....well, it looks good. If it turns out to be real...then wow even better!

    Are there any web sites dedicated to these??

    Great site by the way...really great Forum!


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    i have no idea why this pattern of handle is mostly copied , i think because is a nice handle not simply! the real SS stamp, price around $500-$2000 .
    here the link of auction , you see many of fake for sale and some real : - Auktion - Rubber Stamps

    for my part , i never buy this pattern of handle for a real, because very copied ! i see in the internet many of this pattern for sale for the big price Warning !

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    another thing : the german stamp is made with the hard wood , because if you use a soft wood , after heavy use , the handle is not solid !! my opinion

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    Thanks pierre!

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