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Interesting Concentration camp I.D. lot

Article about: Just thought I would post this. I came across this on Craigslist of all places and the guy was selling these really cheap once I talked to him. I felt kind of bad as they were his parents it

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    He may simply have been assigned work in a function that enabled him to have access to more food.Polish cavalry officer Witold Pilecki who was the only man to volunteer to become a prisoner in Auschwitz so he could organise a resistance organisation in the camp relates how in one of the later prisoner line- ups a German doctor was surprised that some of the Polish prisoners looked so healthy (even though like Pilecki they had been in the camp for over two years). This was because Pilecki's resistance organisation was eventually in control of many of the important functions at Auschwitz I and could smuggle or barter with the German guards for more food than some of the other prisoners. By wresting control of Auschwitz I away from the mainly German Kapos, Pilecki's camp-wide resistance organisation was able to keep themselves alive. So it wasn't always a question of collaboration. Pilecki's remarkable story is told in The Auschwitz Volunteer.
    True that, but Dachau was significantly different from being Auschwitz...a labor camp inmate should not look similar to an extermination camp inmate, I wouldn't think.

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    Neither KL Dachau nor KL Auschwitz-I was an extermination camp they were concentration camps.

    The Nazi extermination camps were: Auschwitz II (Auschwitz-Birkenau), Chełmno, Belzec, Majdanek, Sobibor and Treblinka.
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    Do you still have this?

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