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Interesting Item, Info Please?

Article about: Have expressed interest on this item to the seller but am looking for some information before i buy, Could any one give me some information and some minor translations to the few pictures i

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    Default Re: Interesting Item, Info Please?

    Quote by nznathan View Post
    Lampe was assigned to SS – Angehörign which the seller has said they can not find out what SS – Angehörign is but from what i can find out it is ODESSA, (from the German Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen, “Organization for Former SS Members”) but i also read that ODESSA was not fromed until 1946 and these documents only go untill 1944.
    I cannot see any connection to the alleged ODESSA from this description and the photographs posted above. Lampe is referred to in these documents as "Der SS-Angehörige", which simply means "The SS-member"; this term has nothing to do whatsoever with any particular assignment, branch or unit affiliation.

    Quote by firerescue1965 View Post
    This may mean little, but the "Goering" in your last photo is misspelled in the book.
    Quote by Richie B View Post
    In German the name can be spelt either Göring or Goering.
    Sorry, but no and no again: "Göring" is the correct spelling.

    Quote by ppsh33 View Post
    one other small point re condition of cover ,, why is it in English for what appears to be his ss personal record . ! cheers paul
    I cannot comment on the originality of the documents in this bound volume as this is beyond my area of expertise, but please allow me a few observations nonetheless:
    If someone wants to fake an SS personnel file and goes to such lengths as to fake all those various documents, with letterheads, forms, stamps and all... don't you think he would just stick them in some generic old-model document file, box file or document folder instead of having them hardbound in a specially commissioned, obviously implausible hardcover with gold-embossed English text?
    What it looks like to me is that some post-war collector in the English speaking world has acquired this lot of documents and then had them bound into this volume.
    As I said, I cannot say whether the documents as such are real or not, but the bound volume composed of them does not even try to be the original wartime file containing them.

    All in all, my point is: There is no ODESSA connection here, Göring is not misspelled and the cover as such is an oddity, but does not really mean anything. It is the individual documents that should be examined and evaluated by a document expert.

    Just my two cents.

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    'Göring' is the spelling in german; Goering is in english, note that in english there are no accents above his name. so this, in fact, is not a mistake, being that it is supposedly a German book.

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    Thanks for all the reply's, i had always understood the front cover to not be genuine for a few obvious reasons but the documents themselves are what i am interested in. There are about 30 pages all up containing allot of names, signatures and other interesting things that would be worthwhile getting translated. high price being asked though and i probably wont spend the money, got my eye on plenty other things that are more suited to my current collection.

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    Default Re: Interesting Item, Info Please?

    Thank goodness for HPL2008 who has hit the nail on the head. These documents are perfectly genuine (based on what is shown here.) The only post-war part is the cover, which has been added either by a collector or the original owner; my guess is a collector. This is quite a common practice.
    The ODESSA suggestion is totally misleading and led everyone off on a useless tangent as these items have nothing whatsoever to do with that organization. They are simply documents relating to a SS member.
    The spelling of Göring is totally correct in the above illustration. This post is a clear indication of misleading advice on a forum and, depending on the asking price, the documents group is a good buy for anyone wishing to collect SS ephemera.

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    I had no intention of being misleading, the odessa reference was due to the fact that if you google SS – Angehorign (which is how it was spelt on the website) the only information available is two links directing to one wikipedia page on Odessa, that is my reason for starting this thread was to see if any one had information on these types of documents and knew what to expect on the other 20 odd pages not available for viewing and to shine light on the pictures i had available.

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