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leibstandarte Adolf Hitler (panzer)

Article about: Hi friends, new entry, very happy with it, hope you like it Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Indeed...This unfortunately hides more than it shows...Sleeve-eagle, Right Shoulderboard? what's the point then...

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    Circuit advertisement leibstandarte Adolf Hitler (panzer)
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    Had this happen myself with one of my fathers photo's ......
    .. You live and learn with the internet !!

    Gary J.

    Quote by KMMorris View Post
    People take images from this site all time time and use them on there websites or in publications, ect. I for example use to post my signed photos without a said watermark until i found out that all of the things i posted here were available on Google images. So you put either text or a solid colour line in the middle of your image so it can not be corped out and used elsewhere.

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    Well, I also do not like to post anything without a marking any more. After I found some of my photos published in a book. I'm not against these photos were published but well - is it so hard to just inform me and ask? I'm always glad to share my photos and in many cases money is not important for me at all if You have a good book. And vice versa - if you have a bad book i do not allow to use any of my photos does not matter how much you will pay.

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    Frundsberg, of course you have the right to share your pictures with whoever you like. But unless I'm misreading this post I don't believe anybody is arguing against watermarking. Surely the germane issue about forum threads is that if someone genuinely wants to share a photo with fellow interested militaria collectors, obscuring the most pertinent details rather defeats the point.

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    I am grateful to colleague d'Alquen for his unstinting support of this site and his fine research.

    - - ------- - -

    Others take a very different idea about historical research.
    damit, basta.

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    Anyone else think the thread subject has had his hair 'set' before the shot was taken? That's a mighty purdy 'do' he's rocking there!

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    Quote by CBH View Post
    I wonder if the Forum could provide a WRF watermark for all photos posted on the site . I know many of the unmarked photos are reprinted as originals and sold as such , also some photos of items are used on sale sites . I would love to be able to watermark my photos , but I'm not very computery . What are your thoughts ?
    Cheers Chris
    That is a fantastic idea mate! I'm not too good with computers so I don't know what's involved with doing something like that but it'd be great if every pic we uploaded automatically had a watermark on it somewhere, maybe a choice of which quarter it could go on (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right for eg.) so we could choose where to put it so as not to obscure a part of the pic we want to show off. Hope I'm not causing Dimas any grief here, as I said before, I have no idea with what's involved with this sort of thing, it might be a nightmare to set up if it can be done at all. Dimas does a great job, I don't want to make his life harder!

    Sorry to take over the thread gents.

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    at least it has the merit of having a debate on the watermark. it was not the purpose of this post but hey ...

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