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Letters From German Officer.

Article about: Hi All, Need some help here! I have about 15 letters from a Hauptmann Hans Mulzer. The envelopes are post marked Oflag XX1B which I know was in Poland.It was later re-numbered as Oflag64. Wh

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    Default Letters From German Officer.

    Hi All, Need some help here! I have about 15 letters from a Hauptmann Hans Mulzer. The envelopes are post marked Oflag XX1B which I know was in Poland.It was later re-numbered as Oflag64. Where can I find info on the officer in question? Also I was quoted £95 + VAT to get one letter transcribed and then translated! Do any of you know where I might be able to get this done cheaper? The letters are all hand written. There are also about 30 postcards not all written on but feldpost stamped. Any help would be most valuable. There is very limited info if you google search for the officer or the camp. Here is a sample letter.


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Letters From German Officer.   Letters From German Officer.  

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    Default Re: Letters From German Officer.

    If you post a high quality scan and depending on the quality of the scan and the letter(s) itself, Im sure German speaking forum members will translate some if not all for you. It might just take a little time depending on the hand in which the officer wrote, lenght of letter(s) and so on and so forth.

    I for one speak German and will gladly help if possible, as it sounds very interesting to get a peek into what a German officer whote to the folks back home (within the parametres of censorship of course). Sadly, as I have found out to my regret here when the old letters/cards are posted, reading the handwriting is not my forte.

    Others - mainly the native Germans - seem to do better.

    Give it the old college try - start with one letter and lets see, when and if the forum runs out of steam.

    Other members are usually pretty adept at reading these letters/Cards. It will take time of course.

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    Default Re: Letters From German Officer.

    Some information on Oflag XX1B / 64: Oflag 64 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I searched for Hans-Klaus Mulzer in the german "Kriegsgräbersuche" and found this:
    There's another soldier named Hans Mulzer in the database, but I'm quite sure this one is the right person since he is called "Hans-Klaus" in the letter from his mother and the location Stalingrad in mentioned, too.
    According to this information he was born 26.11.1923 in Uffenheim (Bavaria) and is listed as missing in Stalingrad 11.01.1943.

    His mother asks about his well-being and she is quite scared about his current condition because the radio reported that the russians had broken through in the northern part of Stalingrad. She received one air mail from her son but hasn't heard from him ever since. Mr. Hofmann sent a birthday packet with sausages, candy and some kind of blessing card with the words "In the hands of god" for strength and good luck (this also confirms the data from the Kriegsgräbersuche). She tells her son that one of his friends is stationed south of Leningrad and another volunteered for the mountain infantry and is currently located in the Kaukasus. His mother is ill at the moment due to a gallstein colic and she will have to visit the doctor again if the pain gets worse. At the end of the letter she lists all the packets she has already sent to her son and their contents (cake, sausage, candles...).
    She also sent some clothing to the military service asking them to pass everything on to her son (gloves, socks, coat, underwear). She signed with "your mother".

    Edit: sorry, link to "Kriegsgräbersuche" isn't working like this: Click on the link and add this to the address: [gid]=e7d4791c3f25f701bac1f87f76bcbccc

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    Default Re: Letters From German Officer.

    Hi Lysya, Wonderful!!! Thank you so much. I also have the blessing card (I think) or one like it which was also in one of the envelopes. I have printed off your info and will put it in the envelope with the original letter. Some of the letters are in very German handwriting, almost like Gothic script which I can't make heads nor tails of. One of the letters appears to be from his son who also seems to be in Russia.
    Warm Regards,

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    Default Re: Letters From German Officer.

    Your "gothic script" probably is old german writing called "Sütterlin" or "Kurrentschrift". (Sütterlin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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    Default Re: Letters From German Officer.

    Hi Lysya, You are spot on! Sutterlin script it is. My god, its difficult to make out though. :-))) Regards, Brian.

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    Default Re: Letters From German Officer.

    A lot of people interested in WWI and II are able to read Süttlerin. You could just post another letter here and wait for responses. Regards, Lys.

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