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locating unit during 1942-1944

Article about: what unit is this here? How is the Dienstpass holder connected to it in 1944?

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    Default locating unit during 1942-1944

    what unit is this here?
    How is the Dienstpass holder connected to it in 1944?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture locating unit during 1942-1944   locating unit during 1942-1944  

    locating unit during 1942-1944   locating unit during 1942-1944  

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    I think there are some guys that can determine which unit this is. Gonna bump this one to the top and try again. I've never seen so many compound words in my life!
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    It is a vehicle transport/supply battalion. It operated in Army Group North's area before moving to Army Group Center's area in 1944.

    From Lexikon...
    Die Kraftwagen-Transport-Abteilung z.b.V. 990 wurde am 1. April 1941 im Wehrkreis X mit 10 großen Kraftwagen-Kolonnen aus verschiedenen Wehrkreisen aufgestellt. Die Abteilung war Heerestruppe und unterstand dem Generalquartiermeister. 1943 wurden die Kolonnen zu vier Kompanien zusammen gefaßt. Die Abteilung wurde bei der Heeresgruppe Nord, ab 1944 bei der Heeresgruppe Mitte eingesetzt.

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    Thanks Huck.
    So if he was issued this service document in July 1944, what or where would he be serving by then?

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    Without his Wehrpass, Soldbuch or other supporting documents it is impossible to know what unit he was serving with in 1944. If it is re-issued in 1944 and in July then that might hint (and it is only a hint) that he was still with the unit and caught up in the massive Soviet summer offensive, Op Bagration, and lost his original. If that is true then he was very lucky to escape at all.

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    The only doc I have is this late July 1944 Dienstpass, and was maybe connected to the RVM...
    He survived the war because he continued to work for the West German Roads and Highways authority in 1950's...

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    Looking at it again, the small service record snippet shows he was dismissed sometime after 1942 and assigned to the Reichsverkehrsministenum - which would tie in nicely for his post war job!
    Whether that means he was dismissed from military service after 1942 or it just means he was reassigned to the RVM I don't know.

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    Would it be possible to trace his duties with this passport somehow?
    Not military I I was thinking evacuation of equipment or personnel from France or Hungary?...odd to be issued such an official passport for a Transportfuhrer...

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    It is difficult to say. There would be so many different tasks and assignments that it would be hard to pin it down to a specific job. If he has any stamps that indicate other countries then you'll know his movements at least. It could well relate to evacuating equipment or transporting equipment to somewhere. Maybe if you can find out what his post-war job was within the Roads & Highways Authorities that might offer a clue.

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    Will do, will add images of them later when I get back home.

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