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My Great Grandfather, Adolf H...

Article about: Thanks for the kind words, responses, and above all the help!

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    Default My Great Grandfather, Adolf H...

    This is a picture of my Great Grandfather, Adolf... Hasse. (Everyone says he looks like Herr Hitler, and I cannot tell you how many jaws I've seen drop when I show this picture of him.)

    He was a German living in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. According to my grandmother, when the SS rolled in, he was conscripted into their service.

    This is the only picture I have of him. Can anyone comment on the type of hat he is wearing? Can it perhaps give a clue as to what he did during World War II?

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    Default Re: My Great Grandfather, Adolf H...

    It is difficult to tell from my view, but are there any pins on the cap? There appears to be a shoulder strap on his uniform, which I would say is a good sign of a ranked military tunic. Same with the collar boards. Facial hair in the Wehrmacht was against regulation, however, there were exceptions for neatly trimmed moustaches, which means that his moustache would be suitable for military regulations of the time. I am still not sure if the same regulations would apply with the SS. Still, it is an interesting facet of the Third Reich.

    Regards, Corey

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    Default Re: My Great Grandfather, Adolf H...

    Here is another shot of the same photo which is a little more detailed. It almost looks like he has SS collar tabs...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: My Great Grandfather, Adolf H...

    I found this on the collector's guild... interesting...

    Non-Germanic personnel serving in the Waffen-SS were not permitted to wear the SS runic collar tab on their uniforms and were originally only authorized wear of a blank right collar tab with rank being displayed on the left collar tab. With the rapid expansion of the Waffen-SS at the beginning of the war it was soon realized that more non-Germanic personnel would have to be recruited and a wide variety of distinctive non-runic collar tabs were developed for wear by these personnel beginning in 1941. Note: Personnel assigned to the SIPO, Sicherheitspolizei, (Security Police) and the SD, Sicherheitsdienst, (Security Service), also wore blank right hand collar tabs.

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    Default Re: My Great Grandfather, Adolf H...

    If anyone can offer additional insight, I'd greatly appreciate it!

    If a moderator deems this topic better suited for the insignia section, please move it!

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    Default Re: My Great Grandfather, Adolf H...

    Still nothing ??????? This is a tough one Joe !!!!! ...... I will keep doing research for ya!

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    Default Re: My Great Grandfather, Adolf H...

    Very cool! His eyes are crystal blue and he does appear to be wear ss like insignia and cap looks ss too w/ the lack of Tk and chicken

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    Default Re: My Great Grandfather, Adolf H...

    Thanks, Dean! My grandma has ice blue eyes, too!

    If anyone can help solve this mystery, I'd really appreciate it!

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    Default Re: My Great Grandfather, Adolf H...

    Hi Joe, the cap is, going by the chinstrap alone, is in my opinion an SS cap. The blank collar tabs would reinforce that thought. The total lack of any kind of badge insignia make an exact id impossible.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: My Great Grandfather, Adolf H...

    If we look at the small pieces, and compare with history. I would say he was some kind of Schuma or other security related unit. But if the strongest witness of it all- his own family says he was in the SS. Then i would believe that, SS it is.

    Brown shirt- black tie. Coat with black collartabs. SS cap. Well he was not in jehovas witness, thats for sure.

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