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"Nazi era" German Nuremberg Law

Article about: Hello everybody. Have recently found this blackboard It comes from the Nazi era and is 100% authentic. Would like to know if I can offer these for sale on Ebay USA ?? My english skills are n

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    Default "Nazi era" German Nuremberg Law

    Hello everybody.
    Have recently found this blackboard
    It comes from the Nazi era and is 100% authentic.
    Would like to know if I can offer these for sale on Ebay USA ??
    My english skills are not very good. For this I have found this explanation on the Web.
    "German Nuremberg Law teaching chart that distinguishes the hierarchal difference between German-blooded individuals,
    Jews, and those in between, distributed in 1936. The chart separates individuals into three “races”: German-Blooded,
    Jews, and Mischling (part Jewish) based on their grandparent’s race. Mischling are further broken down into two grades:
    first class, those who are half-Jewish (two Jewish grandparents); and second class, those who are one quarter Jewish (one Jewish grandparent).
    These three “races” were codified by the Reich Citizenship Law and the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor,
    collectively known as the Nuremberg Laws, which were passed in Germany in September,
    1935. The Nuremberg laws banned “race defiling” marriage and sexual relations between pure Germans and Jews.
    The chart iterates this by stating that Jews are not German citizens and can only marry other Jews and Mischling.
    The laws rejected the traditional view of Jews as members of a religious or cultural community and claimed that they were a race defined by birth and blood.
    The chart was designed by Willi Hackenbergeer, the propaganda leader of the Reich Committee for Public Health Service"
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture "Nazi era" German Nuremberg Law  
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    Ebay are very anti anything Nazi and as such I would think NO. A specialist military auction would be better.

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    Vegetius has given you good advice. You might be able to sell it to someone on this or another forum for its historical value and a primary research source. Dwight

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    I thought so too, thanks

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    As long as you don't use the term Nazi or post a image of a swaztika
    you will probably just fine.
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    MAP is online now


    I would recommend that you post these images directly to the forum instead of using a hosting site.

    Even if you do sell it, it could be of use to members here for research, and once the photos are removed from the hosting site, this thread will be useless.

    I'm with Greg. I think you should be able to sell it on ebay if you are careful how you list it. That said...they have wide latitude and you might get a moderator that cares or doesn't care.....
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Chopperman has a good point, but some snowflake who recognizes what is all about would probably be "outraged," "offended," and "traumatized,"and be unable to cope, and ebay would jerk it. But on-the-other-hand, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Give it a go and see what happens.

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    Thanks & Merci

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    Ok Thanks

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