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neuremberg hangings

Article about: I have original photos of all the nazis after they had been hung and was ondering what something like this would be worth or if someone would be interested in this collection. I did some res

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    Grisly stuff !

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    "I noticed that his neck bone did not break, that's why he was alive. So I jumped on the rope and put my weight with him. With my right hand at his left ear I gave it a jerk - *snaps his fingers* - he's dead." Quote by Joseph Malta, a hangman at the Nürnberg executions referring to the execution of Joachim von Ribbentrop.

    Regardless of what is the truth about the circumstances around the executions - that they were carried out in a strikingly unprofessional way is certain and true.


    Kenneth S-H.

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    Quote by bb3310 View Post
    talltom the photos were cropped when I scanned them and had to resize them to make them fit to the size requirments to post them on here. as far as the writing on the back, doing some research I found that they were taken by a photo journalist with the US Army. Here is a link to the only info I could find about the photos:
    Executions at Nuremberg « Iconic Photos
    Ahh! The old Spidey senses tingling have not failed me yet again.....
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    I think when the noose tightens around the neck all sorts of eruptions happen in and around the face and head,ie your eyes pop out your eardrums burst and blood is forced through your nose

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    Quote by operaman View Post
    I think when the noose tightens around the neck all sorts of eruptions happen in and around the face and head,ie your eyes pop out your eardrums burst and blood is forced through your nose
    and thats what made such a preaty picture

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    They look real to me but I would say not official.I would say that this was a project of one of the staff of Spandau a guard or an officer that was interested in history.No way would this be a official description of the hangings by a military historian.

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    My biggest worry with these pics is. For wartime pics they're rather large,no problem. But whoever took them must have had more than a morbid interest,by that i mean they had authorized access to be there & take them. Any self-respecting journalist or photographer would know not to write on the reverse of pics but on a piece of paper. Especially in ink & to that extent. It's a paragraph of writing,not just a light penciled reference or date etc. Just my opinion,but i've never seen pics of such a high relavence written in this way. Stewy

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    in the article i read it states "Eight journalists from Big Four countries were selected by lottery, but only one photographer (and he was from U.S. Army) was allowed behind the close doors to report the last moments inside the prison." which is what has me wondering about the writing on the back which tells about their reactions to the charges and what they did after the trial.

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    Mr bb3310 (don't know your name,so that's the best i can do). If these pics are yours you should really have watermarked them to help if not stop folks from faking them. Stewy

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    thanks stewy i took them down and will repost later

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