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Photo and Death Card grouping of SS-P.Gren Johann Schäffer

Article about: Hey guys, I just recently picked up this lot for 60\\$. It's a very nice grouping of a young SS Panzer Grenadier who was killed in Northern France. Hope you guys enjoy! Thanks Ryan

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    That would be awesome. I know someone who does battlefield tours/etc, and would collect DC's before his trips, and would do the same thing when he visited the various cemeteries. It's a nice gesture.
    I agree too, it is sad seeing the younger ones, especially when there is a photo on it....gets me every time. Its good not to forget about the actual person behind the "cool badges or uniform", ya know? I don't know why collecting DC's isn't more popular, as you can really learn a lot of info from some of them, with minor research involved.

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    Hi Ryan I liked your post and pics.
    sorry but...

    Bill I read that report, It was fascinating... The imprint of war.. Having these visions for the rest of the lives...horrific ...And we moan about anything these days.

    Regards SK

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    Sorry bill for some reason my reply didnt post on Thursday, but Death Card collecting is very interesting. It's really hard to find info of soldiers on the eastern front, but western front soldiers I have found a lot about. I currently have around like 15 death cards, all with their own story, its so interesting.

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    Nice grouping -- and a fair price too! I only have one deathcard which is for a 20 year old Grenadier that died Dec. 18th, 1942 in the Stalingrad Kessel... 60 years to the day before I was born. No matter how small the item I get I always try to find out as much as I possibly can about the owner and his/his units history--- it's these small personal tales that really drive through what this war was like --- but, of course, even then it's impossible to really know unless you were there yourself...

    Coincidentally, I have a stg44 relic that was recovered from the marshlands in the Carentan area --- who knows, maybe a GvB soldier dropped it there... I will never know. I ramble --- again, nice little grouping!

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