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Is this a photo of the reformed 14th Waffen SS Division, 1st Ukrainian Galician Division

Article about: Hello Everyone, I was wondering if you guys could help me identify what military unit this soldier belonged with in the picture. It is definitely of a Ukrainian but the uniform is part Briti

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    Thanks for the responses!

    One other piece of information that my Grandfather said was that the Russians came to the camp he was being held at (DP camp he made it sound like) trying to repatriate them (Ukrainians) back to the Soviet Union. Thankfully at the time, he was in the care of American Army. American officers told the Russians to turn their trucks around and get out of the camp.

    It is hard to see, the hat has the Ukrainian trident symbol on it.

    He also had mentioned being in Dresden (hopefully I am remembering correctly), Germany early in the war.

    My Uncle who has a military background in the USMC, Force Recon... always assumed my Grandfather having a military background but he could not confirm for certain if he did (based on conversations of a military nature).

    I have done research from released archival information from National Archives in UK, which bolsters the probability of Ukrainians being moved throughout the globe from the 14th SS Division by the British government.

    Thanks again for the help. I am hoping I can pull this mystery to some type of conclusion.

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    Back in the 1980's I used to work with two former members of the Division. At the time, I chatted with them about the war and how they came to be here in the UK. They told me at certain amount , but they clammed up after I drew their unit insignia on a notepad! They were still frightened about the prospect of going home to the USSR. The Cold War was still at it's hight.

    The Germans had an on / off relationship with the Ukrainian Nationalists. At times for and at other times almost against. The political and military situation at the time dictated the attitude. Basically they blew it....The Ukrainians being stuck between two super powers were never going to get the independence they craved. Neither Hitler or Stalin wanted an independent Ukraine.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Thanks Ade! Ukrainian history from the 20th century is very complex, it is definitely not black and white (a lot of grey areas).

    My Grandfather was similar with "clamming up," only tell stories in little fragments (whereas my Grandmother who was on a German forced labor camp (my Grandparents didn't meet until the 50's in Brazil) would tell me everything about what happen during the war, every detail she could remember). Years ago I had a few different illustrated books on the Eastern Front, my Grandfather always asked to borrow them. Pages always book marked when I got them back. Haha!

    He always read his "Svoboda" newspaper. He would give me a few if he got ones in English.

    Really appreciate the feedback!

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    Is this a photo of the reformed 14th Waffen SS Division, 1st Ukrainian Galician Division

    On researching further into the 14th SS Galician Division, reading Michael O. Logusz's book, "Galicia Division: The Waffen-SS 14th Grenadier Division, 1943-1945" and looking through pictures, more things started to come together.

    One day doing some online research of photographic history of the division I came across this group photo of officers of the 14th. I am almost 99.9% certain that the soldier I boxed in in red is my grandfather. Age would be correct and facial similarities. I really think this IS my grandfather but I want to do more research to confirm it is.

    Any suggestions on researching this photo? There has to be multiples of this photo out there. Any archives on the 14th that are open to the public? Just thought I would use some of the knowledge here to start researching.

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    He said he did spend time in Berlin, receiving personal documentation from "an SS officer." Also, he said he was a soda jerk in Berlin at a place named Stalhman's were he served high ranking Germans drinks.

    This information never really made sense... How does a Ukrainian get paperwork in Berlin from an SS officer? I would think the Gestapo would have been suspicious especially when most Ukrainians were sent to forced labor farms or sent into the ranks of German Wehrmacht.
    I was reading the forum and came across this topic. Tim, you will not believe this, but I heard the story of your grandfather from another Galicia division veteran! I used to visit Roman Kolisnyk, who was a high ranking Galicia div. officer and happened to be my neighbour. I would always ask him to tell me unusual stories or events he experienced during his service. One of the stories he mentioned was of one Ukrainian from what is now Polish territory, who as the war began, got a job in Germany in Berlin, working as a waiter in a restaurant serving SS brass. I wish I would have written this down, but from there it went something along the lines that he befriended one of those high ranking officers (or perhaps they knew each other prior the war) and the ss brass liked him so much, he helped him to get all the paper work done and had him sign up with one of the SS division. It was not a Ukrainian division, but one of germanic ones, like LAH or Totenkopf ( I remember that part, as I was asking Roman Kolisnyk if he knew of any Ukrainians serving in other Waffen SS divisions). When your grandfather found out that there was a Ukrainian division forming, he asked to be transferred there. I hope this helps

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