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Post your death notices

Article about: That depends really Dagon, i can read the printed words on the death cards but actual handwritting can be a totally different matter, it can be quite difficult sometimes but i could try

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    Quote by Rigormortis View Post
    [CENTER]This one i'm told reads "Born 09 May 1910 During the difficult fight in Italy died" then says "You ask a lot oh country of mine, the goodbye came difficult to him, now he will never never return, he knew and had a premonition that the shot from the enemy would hit him, now rest in peace my dear husband."
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    That one's very interesting seeing as how the Italian Campaign didn't begin until July of 1943. Perhaps he was killed by an air raid?

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    Any opinions on that one?

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    Probably he was KIA in action against Italian partisans.

    Quote by ObKrieger View Post
    Any opinions on that one?

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    Sorry I had not visited this thread in a bit. Andreas, thanks for the info on the Foresrty Anwarter. Interesting stuff. Evgeni, as usual, nice of you to help research the locations of units with me!
    Jeff, thats a neat/sad card. Maybe Evgeni or OB are correct? But I have seen mistakes with dates on these cards tho too.

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    Do you guys think maybe card might not be authentic? Possibly because of the date discrepancy?Got this with 2 others like 7 years ago and never really questioned it. Have never posted it for review because it seemed unlikely that something i bought for $4 would be worth the money spent for making a fake. But nowadays i'm sure every item from TR falls in the realm of likely to be faked. I'll have to pull my other 2 I got from same seller just to have another look since its been awhile. And I agree with you Bill it is a sad/neat card. Can't help think how many times notes had to be made, families had to be informed, wives & children's hope for their husbands and fathers return crushed. Must have been miserable.

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    Here's my other 2. 1st one for Xaver Karl I am told reads:"Xaver Karl was son of farmer & musician. Was private with Luftwaffe-Gave his young life for his fatherland. A good son & brother said goodbye to parents, loved ones. He was called to fight for his last breath. Oh dear son & brother, your goodbye was the most difficult thing because we know we will not meet in this life again, you gave your life to the enemy, we hope to see you again in our true home."
    Post your death noticesPost your death notices
    This 2nd one I'm told reads on front "Josef Muckl 29 years old- who died for their country with courage builds himself a monument in heaven" and back says " It was a difficult pain to feel the separation, and now our hearts are broken. You died too early for us, we will never be able to forget you, we are never going to be able to give you anything that will bring you back, we are not even able to put flowers on your grave. The heart of a hero will never be forgotten, who knew who loved you, dear Jesus give him peace"
    Post your death noticesPost your death notices

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    Look all fine to me.

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    I agree, everything looks good to me. I just found it interesting that that man was killed in Italy before the invasion began!

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    You're right ObKrieger that is interesting. Keen eye you have as I never noticed it. Misprint perhaps? or as Evgeni suggested KIA by partisans, or air raid as you suggested as well. Did a little research and couldn't find much regarding German troops deployed in Italy as Italy was still an ally at that time and the majority of German troops were of course deployed to Russia and North Africa so don't know why German troops would be in Italy at that time unless they were already building up troops for defense then. Or if deployment of supplies and troops to N.A. embarked from Italian ports perhaps? Card seems to imply he was KIA on Italian soil which makes this probably one of those mystery questions we'll never know for certain. Good eye noticing the date discrepancy though & thanks to all for your input. Jeff

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    All right, problem solved: Albert Mühlbauer
    Albert Mühlbauer ruht auf der Kriegsgräberstätte in Cassino.
    Endgrablage: Block 28 Grab 303
    Nähere Informationen zu diesem Friedhof erhalten Sie hier.
    Name und die persönlichen Daten des Obengenannten sind auch im Gedenkbuch der Kriegsgräberstätte verzeichnet. Sie können gern einen Auszug bei uns bestellen.
    Bitte beachten Sie, dass auf einigen Friedhöfen nicht die aktuelle Version ausliegt, somit kann der Name Ihres Angehörigen darin evtl. noch nicht verzeichnet sein.
    Cassino (Italien)
    Hinweis für Friedhofsbesucher
    Auf einigen Soldatenfriedhöfen, die der Volksbund derzeit in Osteuropa errichtet, ist die Namen- bzw. Grabkennzeichnung noch nicht erfolgt. Es empfiehlt sich deshalb vor einer geplanten Reise eine Rückfrage bei der Bundesgeschäftsstelle in Kassel.
    Nachricht bei Sachstandsänderungen
    Falls Albert Mühlbauer mit Ihnen verwandt ist, und Sie von uns über Sachstandsänderungen informiert werden möchten, füllen Sie bitte das folgende Formular aus. Wir legen dann einen Vorgang an, um Sie somit über Neuigkeiten unterrichten zu können.
    Bitte prüfen Sie vorher an Hand Ihrer Unterlagen sorgfältig, ob es sich wirklich um Ihren Angehörigen handelt. Falls Sie nicht sicher sind, vermerken Sie dies im Textfeld des Formulares.

    He fought at Cassino and was KIA in 1944 - so this is a typo.

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