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Article about: That depends really Dagon, i can read the printed words on the death cards but actual handwritting can be a totally different matter, it can be quite difficult sometimes but i could try

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    A couple new ones....

    A grenadier (possibly from 97th Jager Division) named Leopold who was killed in the Battle for Dukla Pass in 1944 on the border of Poland and Slovakia in the Carpathians. What happened was the Slovakians called upon the Soviets for help to push the Germans out of Slovakia, and the area chosen to start the Soviet offensive would be Dukla / Dukla Pass. A battle ensued, especially on/around Dukla Hill #534 (northwest of Dukla), in which the upper hand for the hill was exchanged about 20 times throughout 10 long days of fighting. But it ended up with the Soviets taking the town of Dukla on September 21, 1944......the exact day that Leopold was killed in action.

    (soon after this battle, south of Dukla Pass, the "mini-Kursk" tank battle in the "Valley of Death" would occur too! To this day, tanks can be seen where they were originally left after battle in 1944, most becoming monuments!!!!)
    Pics here: Valley of Death - Dukla Pass - Svidnik - Slovakia - euro-t-guide - What to see - 1

    These are the types of cards that I personally look the dates of death may have significant meaning to the battles these men fought in, if you take the time to research them a little, even before buying.
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    Very interesting! Knew the monument but never heard about the battle.

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    Not very knowledgeable when it comes to Croatia/Bosnia in any input is welcomed.

    Max Baumgartner, an HJ Scharfuhrer who was later a member of a Pionier Battalion......was killed by partisans in Bosnia. He was killed in Licko Petrovo Selo on May 21, 1943 and his remains were never found.
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    Here is the operation during which the person was KIA: Case Black - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Thanks Evgeni. I had actually thought the same thing from my personal research today, but I am wondering if it fits, as Volksbund says he was KIA in Licko Petrovo Selo, which is about 400 Km from Case Black's furthest western area.

    Definitely some heavy partisan activity in Croatia though.....incredible....
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    He was MIA, so there might be the case that there was no documentation about the movements of the unit, hence the last traceable place was noted down. However its just a hypothesis.

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    Quote by Evgeni M View Post
    Not sure that this one is ok, have seen it on sale from several people on different paper. UV check would be a good idea.

    Todes-/Vermisstenort: Ssapscho-See nördl.Demidow

    The soldier is laying near Smolensk
    Hi Evgeni , I have just put it under a UV light next to a piece of modern paper and it did not light up like a lantern! The paper next to it did glow however(picture is of both side by side) , I take it that is a good sign if not conclusive!! Are there any other ways to determine originality with these cards as they are not my area. Thanks in advance, Leon.
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    Good sign indeed! I also check out ebay and some other sources on the internet. When I see more than 2 or 3 of the same cards for sale in different sources it rings the bell.

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    Well at least that is good news Leon, considering what happened with the docs. Im glad for you. We should do some more research and nail down a unit with that info on him. I know you had said he may be from III./FJ Rgt we should see if it fits for sure!

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    Here are my two cards, both men fell in the East
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