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Article about: That depends really Dagon, i can read the printed words on the death cards but actual handwritting can be a totally different matter, it can be quite difficult sometimes but i could try

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    This one just arrived and it is the first card i have obtained.

    For Josef Stoiber who was a crewman on the Hilfskreuzer Pinguin.

    Pinguin was sunk in the Indian Ocean on May 8 1941 by the British heavy cruiser HMS Cornwall,with great loss of life.

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    Just got two new cards that hard to read for me. First one is Fraß, I guess. Any thoughts on the uniform (collar tabs), SS?

    Second one is just hard to read, Pickl is my guess...

    Will be great if you can help.



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    Weird Evgeni,
    looks like an odd version of the Italian 29th, butI doubt it. Interesting.

    Here is one found in an old ladies attic in France, sold to a collector then to me.

    Georg Heigl was an SS Obergrenadier, who was killed in the heavy fighting in Les Forges (Sainteny-Manche), about 5 miles South of Carentan on July 7, 1944. From my research, I have found that Georg was a member of the infamous Normandy fighting unit, Gotz von Berlichingen..... 17. SS-Panzergrenadier Division.

    On July 4, American VIIth Corps attacked South of Carentan in difficult terrain of marshes and rivers. The 83rd Infantry Diivision attacked the front of Sainteny, where they clashed with members of the 17th SS Pzgrenadier Division (GotzVB) and Fallschirmjager troops of Rgt 6. Day after day the Americans renewed their attacks and suffered heavy heavy losses. On july 5th, the 83rd Infantry Division lost 1500 men for only 200 meters of ground. It was only after ten days more of fighting against the Gotz v Berlichingen's SS-Grenadiers (& troops of FJ Rgt 6) that the Americans were able to enter the heap of rubble named Sainteny
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    The emblem on the collar tab is for one of the NSDAP para-military organisations. Can not remember which one but something like NSFK or NSKK. Something like this...

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    Yes it is NSKK, as I figured later

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    As most of you know, Aachen is on the German/Belgian border. From what I understand (maybe others can add in)....Aachen's surroundings were being invaded by the US 1st Infantry Div and US 3rd Armoured Div around September 1944, when Leonhard Vorbuchner was killed. His official date of death was September 18, 1944....buried almost a week later as stated on his Death Card. So most likely he was killed defending the German held area of Aachen or its outskirts. Im sure there were heavy artillery bombardments at that time. Anyway, The battles raged on for a month after, but the heavily defended city of Aachen was finally surrendered by the Germans on October 21, 1944 and marked the first German city captured by the Allies. Leonhard was only 22 years old.
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    don't think Ive shared this one either....of an man who died around Cherbourg, Normandy June 9, 1944.

    Most likely a member of the 709 Infanterie Division, 739 Grenadier Rgt (jusding by #'s on boards), the unit was called to defend the areas around Cherbourg from Allied advances. Another reason this makes sense, is that the 709ID was mostly made up of men in the their 30's, which Kehrer was. The American 82nd Airborne and other units landed in Normandy and headed to their main objective of capturing the main port of the German defended coastal city of Cherbourg. I believe Kerher was was one of the troops who was stationed in the semi-circled fortified defenses of Cherbourg, which was unfortunately for him, half rate defenses In the outskirts of Cherbourg,with only a few machine gun nests to cover miles of territory to cover miles of coastline. Fighting went on from the Americans which pushed the Germans back to the city by June 19th, however I believe this is where Markus kehrer most likely lost his life.....defending the outskirts of the City of Cherbourg, Normady on June 9, 1944.

    Markus was awarded with the Krimschild, Ostmedaille, EKII, Bulgarian medal of bravery, and Wound Badge in Silber, amongst other medals. He was a true combat soldier.
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    Here is Kehrer's entry in the Volksbund Database showing he died in the hospital at Cherbourg.

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    Thank you! I should start posting the VB captions for referencing on these types of posts
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    Death notice to SS Untersturmfurer Herbert Fiala !

    Very rare card to an Officer with the 3 Kompanie SS Panzer Grenadier Btl Narwa the first Estonian SS Unit to go into action as part of SS Panzer Gren Regt 10 Westland.

    Fiala had been involved in the training of the Estonians at Heidelager and went with them to join Wiking replacing the Finnish Btl in the summer of 1943. They fought their first Battles at Izjum in the Ukraine , Fiala was a Zugfuhrer and was killed on 21/7/1943 in hand to hand fighting in the Estonian trenches after the Russians had broken in.

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