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Post your death notices

Article about: That depends really Dagon, i can read the printed words on the death cards but actual handwritting can be a totally different matter, it can be quite difficult sometimes but i could try

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    Very interesting! Has there ever been a translated edition of these volumes? I only seem to find used volumes of the German editions... they must be great reference tools!

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    I've only seen them in's an 8 volume set I picked up on German last year....
    Indeed excellent reference material, highly recommended!
    cheers, Glenn...

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    Hmmm... I wonder why they have not been translated into English yet...? I actually see a reference to "OKW war diary (1 Apr. - 18 Dec. 44), the West " in English on Amazon but no availability... no other volumes that I can see listed. I actually found an online PDF version of the 1st one (or second?) which runs from late '40 to end of '41... no sign of any others. Either way, thank you for the reminder of the OKW war diaries... if I can't get them in English somehow I'll just have to opt for the German language ones!

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    Some time ago got this card with a photo. Any thoughts on the Unit?

    Post your death noticesPost your death notices

    Josef Ampletzer
    Josef Ampletzer ruht auf der Kriegsgräberstätte in Charkow.
    Endgrablage: Block 6 Reihe 24 Grab 1809
    Nähere Informationen zu diesem Friedhof erhalten Sie hier.
    Name und die persönlichen Daten des Obengenannten sind auch im Gedenkbuch der Kriegsgräberstätte verzeichnet. Sie können gern einen Auszug bei uns bestellen.
    Bitte beachten Sie, dass auf einigen Friedhöfen nicht die aktuelle Version ausliegt, somit kann der Name Ihres Angehörigen darin evtl. noch nicht verzeichnet sein.
    Todes-/Vermisstenort: Taranowka südl. Charkow
    Panorama_big.jpg Charkow (Ukraine)

    On a map you see Taranovka 40km south of Kharkov.

    Post your death notices

    The soldier was KIA after the Belgorod-Khar'kov Offensive Operation.



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    Hello guys, a new death card of Kanonier Johann Haberl.
    Born 3 August 1902 and fallen on 3 September 1944. In Laudsur Belgium.
    He is buried in Lommel row 62 Grave 384.

    Post your death notices

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    Quote by ObKrieger View Post
    Josef Ruetzel, Obergefreiter in a tank hunter unit. Can't quite figure out what was going on when he was killed, though. He was reportedly killed in Weidesheim, Germany on November 27th, 1944, but according to everything I can find, Weidesheim wasn't reached by the U.S. 26th Infantry Division until mid-December. Killed in an air raid maybe? Wrong information to begin with?

    He was killed "Im Westen", meaning in the West in November '44 ...

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    Adolf Hitlers regiment.

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    Heres my contribution to the forum - The documents include the soldiers Wehrpass,death notice to his father and a Hungarian award issued to him. The soldier was a Gebirgsjager and as can be seen from the Wehrpass had part in a large number of battles/campaigns.

    Post your death noticesPost your death notices
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    Ernst Fricker, member of the staff of the 78.infanterie division he is fallen in Belarus.

    Post your death notices

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    Hello people!!!
    I was recently offered 4 death notices (and one I already have) from KIAs from Crete... Is it possible from these 5 death notices to find more about the soldiers? Their background hisotry or any other related history? I would tend to think that unfolding the thread for each soldier would be rather easy with the info from these cards.
    Is it possible to find out where exactly the soldier was killed? From their units' archives maybe?


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