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Prints from the Soviet front

Article about: Enjoy! Boridin

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    Default Prints from the Soviet front



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    Circuit advertisement Prints from the Soviet front
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    Hi, these are nice prints, actually I have the full set, which I showed on the forum back in 2008:

    Cheers, Ade.

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    These prints are incredible. Is there any information on who the artist was? As mentioned before, they show detail that only someone that had been there could probably reproduce. It would be great to have these framed and hanging on the wall.


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    Quote by sitges1990 View Post
    Is there any information on who the artist was?
    A quick search turned up this info on the artist:

    "Walter Gotschke studied architecture in Brno, Czechoslovakia, and submitted a poster design in a competition based upon creating publicity for the 1930 Masaryk race - according to 'Automobile Quarterly'. Gotschke's design featured a bright red Maserati. It was judged the winner of the competition and the resultant poster proved so widely popular that he won newspaper commissions to provide action sketches on raceday. These became his first published works.

    Gotschke went to work for Mercedes-Benz in 1938, producing posters and illustrations depicting the works team's various victories. During the war he served as a corespondent-war artist and several German magazines used his work to depict scenes of motorised warfare. He became one of the millions of displaced persons subsisting in refuge in the Austrian Tyrol. He spent time as a cowherd and sketched the animals in pastoral scenes, later selling some of the work to Innsbruck newspaper publishers, who offered him a job as illustrator. In 1949 he returned to Stuttgart and Mercedes, but this time working as a freelance. He later worked for Ford Cologne, KHD, Maybach, Shell, Fiat, Goodyear, Austin and Ford Britain."

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    I thought they were pretty cool!


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    Thanks a million Stew for digging that info up. Historical information is always icing on the cake!


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    Cahotic scenes with the APC Nicely captured, makes me want to show Wehrpass Possiblly crew member aboard these....Nice to see the whole series from your Thread Ade

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