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Rare Award Document

Article about: The Germans were known for the many awards they presented, some for almost anything, German ingenuity, including this rare combat one recently discovered. Must have been a secret weapon. Sor

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    Quote by Stewy S View Post
    Ebay would "pull" it,just due to what it represents. Nevermind what it says spoof or not. You're a good guy Richard,lets help the "newbies". Rather than confuse them. Stewy S
    Yes Stewy, in the U.K. ebay may pull it, but not here in the states. I see T.R. docs being offered quite frequently.

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    Circuit advertisement Rare Award Document
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    Richard,whether it's available in the U.S & not here is not really what i'm getting at. My point is,posting "joke",comedy items doesn't help new collectors. It would be better to post warning newbies of the dirge they may encounter. Rather than make them wonder & confuse themselves,we've all been there. I personally would rather make them aware of the crap they may encounter than see them get shafted. Stewy S

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    My point exactly Stewy.

    Richard, your an ok guy, but it is up to us to stop collectors being shafted, I see your point as to why they are gullible, but it don't make it right.

    As I said, for every fake peddled it means we have lost a collector

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    Thankyou John. I know Richard had no malice in the original post. There's nothing wrong with someone new or out of their field asking if an item's good. But the very new collectors don't need un-necessary confusion. Help & info is what this site strives to be about. Stewy S

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    Think the lack of Reply's, on other threads, regarding this FAKE Document. Says it all. Some of us Bother to take the time to translate/Research and look for pointers to help the original poster out.

    However Richard, I no your Clued up, and it was likely to be a wind up from the start, I think a Newbie doing this might of received a hard time for trying to pedal fakes!

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    I see your points and I most likely should not have posted it as a joke. The problem is that it looks good, as a matter of fact too good. This could even fool a seasoned collector who cannot translate. The give-a-way is no ink stamp or signature.

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