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Article about: I wanted to share this photo I recently purchased from a local antique store. I don't know much about it but it appeared to be WW2 era. The soldiers in the photo appear to be Wehrmacht but t

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    Default Recent Anitque Store Purchase

    I wanted to share this photo I recently purchased from a local antique store. I don't know much about it but it appeared to be WW2 era. The soldiers in the photo appear to be German but that is to an untrained eye based mostly on their helmets. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    If this is the wrong forum please feel free to move it.

    It's a small photo at about 2x3 and I scanned it both B&W (as it is) and color.

    Recent Anitque Store Purchase

    Recent Anitque Store Purchase
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    looks like a massacre.

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    Murder most foul.
    It is really impossible to tell other than the uniforms appear to be German. Nor can you tell who killed those poor souls.

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    The one on the far left is for sure German. He appears to be wearing a m40 or m42 great coat. I can also see his belt and the standard k98 pouches. He appears to be in Russia. The one on the middle is a Fallschirmjager, you can tell just by the shape of his helmet. The one on the far right appears to be wearing a greatcoat and possibly a sidecap. Thats what I can judge from the photo. Hope this helps..

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    Thank you for the input. It is such a small picture that most of the detail is hard to make out until I scanned it. It is a most unusual item to be found around here.

    My apologies if anyone has taken offense of the matter depicted. It is not my inetent to glorify such a terrible occurrence but only to learn as much as is possible from a singular picture.

    Thank you again.

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    First from the left: i think he is holding an Kar98k behind his back fastened with it's sling. You can see it's butt stock. He is for sure German...
    He wears an m40/42 overcoat.
    On the midle soldier i will have to dissagree with WillC. He isn't a Fallschrimjager. I think he is wearing a cap. I would tend to say he might was from a satelite country's unit. Maybe romanian or something like this because his uniform isn't german. For sure he isn't FJ because i've seen countless photos of FJ's from the battle of Crete and i recognize their uniforms more or less...
    Same goes for the third soldier... His overcoat just doesn't feel like german made...

    Now for the killing place... The terrain looks like Russia due to the low foliage and the cold weather combined (just a guess).
    The victims: I tend to say they are Soviet POWs because of the -what looks to be- a Soviet winter jacket (Telogreika). Plus the fact that at least two of the victims have their hands crossed above their heads just like they were tighted in this way...

    *please enlarge the picture to see the points i have marked as i didn't want to ruin the image with a lot of paint*

    Hope it helped!!!
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