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Reich Chancellery letter

Article about: Now here's an interesting little find I'm considering. This is supposed to be a letter sent to a woman from the Reich Chancellery. I can only imagine how easy this sort of thing would be to

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    Quote by avenger View Post
    When you say camp, do you mean a political prisoner camp (if there was such a thing) or a concentration camp? Also, how were you able to tell from the letter?
    A concentration camp, as that is where all long-term Schutzhaft took place.

    (In the earliest days of "protective custody" in 1933, those arrested were taken to a wide variety of regular penitentiaries, police- and court prisons, "wild" concentration camps and other improvised detention facilities. This system was soon standardized and consolidated.)

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    I suppose it's a good chance with 3 years left in the war, she never saw her husband again. It's sad to think then, this letter is the final crushing of her last hopes and pleas to get him back. She took it to the highest office, only to be denied in the end.

    I'm glad it's posted to the forum here then, as a reminder that they were here, and not forgotten victims of that tragedy.

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    Protective Custody = Gone Forever

    Pretty scary stuff reading that..and how close his wife seemed to be knocking on the door of death for herself..just raising a question.
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    Perhaps that's why she didn't get the usual "Heil Hitler!" at the end. They were being very blunt to her, and abruptly ending their correspondence with no.... Just a guess. She must have really loved him to go to such lengths. How many similar families were destroyed by even the most trivial reasons....

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    Very observant, and a fine score! At the time, the "Heil Hitler!" salutation was considered the Deutscher Gruss/German the wife of an enemy of the Reich, she would not be "entitled" to the honor...There is a similar moment caught on film during the Freisler Trials, when vonWitzleben's named is called, he stands at attention and gives the stiff-armed salute, upon which Freisler rages that as a traitor, he is no longer allowed to greet this way...I hope that made sense...
    On a related note, they weren't allowed to display the German flag, either...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Thanks Glen for the last piece of the puzzle! This one is pretty clear now as to what was going on from everyone's contribution.

    Thanks to you all for helping uncover the sad reality of Mrs. Krall and her husband. Hopefully they found some peace in the end.
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