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show your signed photos

Article about: Always looking for others interested in signed photos, military, civil, or political. Wartime or postwar. Here are four I favor in Luftwaffe, though I write on the SS have diverse areas of h

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    show your signed photos

    Wolfgang Lüth, second-most successful U-Boat commander of WW2. One of 27 men to be awarded the Knights Cross with Oakleaves, Swords, and Diamonds. He was accidentally shot by a German sentry and passed away on May 14, 1945.

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    Default 2019 is ending

    There is only two days left until the end of 2019. It is time to remember all those who have left us during this year.
    And to wish health to those who are still among us.
    Sorry if there is any wrong information and happy new year to all of you friends.
    Those who left:

    Waffen SS:

    Von Ribbentrop, Rudolf 11.05.1921 (98) R.I.P. 20.05.2019


    Bierbrauer, Günther 20.05.1922 (97) R.I.P. 26.06.2019


    Peter, Rudolf 01.12.1923 (95) R.I.P. 05.10.2019
    Preiss, Josef 24.06.1922 (95) R.I.P. 19.03.2019
    Wifling, Günther 21.12.1922 (96) R.I.P. 21.02.2019

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    Those who still resist


    Brinckmann, Friedrich 28.07.1920 (99) R.I.P. 27.12.2019
    Broch, Hugo 06.01.1922 (97)
    Heinemann, Anton 23.01.1921 (98) R.I.P. 27.08.2017 (Apologize for the wrong data)
    Trummer, Johann 23.10.1920 (99)


    Bauer, Ludwig 16.02.1923 (96)
    von Hasse, Karl Günther 15.12.1917 (102)
    Kleffel, Paul-Georg 07.09.1920 (99)
    Kuchar, Jakob 24.09.1923 (96)
    Neumayr, Lorenz 10.11.1926 (93)
    Rafoth, Heinz 06.01.1923 (96)
    Wieselhuber, Helmut 28.11.1922 (97)
    Zoppoth, Gerhard 02.06.1923 (96)

    I apologize for any errors in the list. Both lists are based on data that I have seen published on the internet.
    Last edited by TABSTABS1964; 01-14-2020 at 11:46 PM.

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    Anton Heinemann died August 27, 2017 in Hamburg Germany according too Heinemann, Anton -

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    Hauptmann Friedrich Brinckmann RKT died on 27.12.2019


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    Additions since Christmas 2019. If I recall correctly, I've got eleven more Diamonds recipients to go.

    show your signed photos
    Dietrich von Saucken

    show your signed photos
    Graf von Strachwitz

    show your signed photos
    Hans Hube

    show your signed photos
    Helmut Lent

    show your signed photos
    Walter Model

    show your signed photos
    Heinz Guderian

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    After you knock those off you only have 7,000 and a bit more to go of Regular holders haha, congratulations on the Guderian


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    Ha! Just when I see the summit, you kick me down the mountain, lol.

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    show your signed photos show your signed photos

    Fritz Stigler and Hans von Luck

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