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show your signed photos

Article about: Always looking for others interested in signed photos, military, civil, or political. Wartime or postwar. Here are four I favor in Luftwaffe, though I write on the SS have diverse areas of h

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    Quote by KMMorris View Post
    one of my all time favourites Herbert Düppenbecker

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    Nice photo, Morris. Out of curiosity, what puts him in your favorite ranks?

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    Well many reasons. Its a very crisp photo probably taken by a Leica II camera in October or November 1944.
    Düppenbecker is a full war combatant as you can see by his career progression bellow.
    He also was a Panzergrenadier, so he right at the cutting edge of many engagements as indicated by him winning both the bronze and silver Nahkampfspange.
    He features in a few books and is a true combat leader.

    01-01-1937 Unteroffizier
    01-10-1938 Feldwebel
    01-02-1940 Leutnant
    01-04-1942 Oberleutnant
    01-06-1943 Hauptmann
    01-10-1944 Major

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    show your signed photos

    Ernst Remer was one of the first to hear Adolf Hitler after Operation Valkyrie failed and was responsible for rounding up the conspirators)

    show your signed photos

    Hannah Reitsch was a famous test pilot in the Third Reich. She was the only woman to be awarded the Iron Cross, First Class during WW2.

    show your signed photos

    Hellmuth Reymann was was one of the last commanders to surrender during the final Soviet assaults in Battle of Berlin in 1945.

    show your signed photos

    Otto Funk was photographed during a brief moment of peace during the battle for Normandy in 1944. He had not slept for days and had been in near-constant combat when the picture was taken.

    show your signed photos

    Albert Speer - Hitler's chief architect and one of his closest associates.

    show your signed photos

    Feldmarschall Erwin Rommel

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    Great pics.
    There is a complete package of photos and urkunden of
    Ernst Remer In the up and coming Andreas Theis auction in the next month on 28th September

    Orden, Ehrenzeichen und militarhistorische Antiquitaten - Auktionshaus Andreas Thies


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