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SS Ausweis/ID SS

Article about: Welcome everybody! I am so glad that I registerted at the forum. Since I was child, military is my interest. My grandparents served in the German Army. Possible, that's why it's really inter

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    Hey guys...not an expert on these but isn't it usually true that most ausweis have 2 stamps on front and not 1? I currently have 1 SS Totenkopf ausweis and it has multiple stamps. I also wonder about the location of the Himmler stamp on back which is I have heard something to watch out for. This one also seems to have some Artificial ginned up aging with coffee or water stains. In my humble opinion this one is no good as you state.

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    These identity documents are not at all hard to fake but it requires some research knowledge to do it expertly.
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    Quote by DrPMC View Post
    The pictures in post 1 seem to have disappeared. Here they are for future reference:
    Which is a banning offence, I can see Natalia not being with us for very long.

    Thanks for saving them and re posting them.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    I think someone was on a fishing expedition...

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