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SS HIMMLER Signature? SS Document??? Any help is better than none, New TO WRF :)

Article about: Hey all, Purchased at a local estate, wondering if its real? Cant really make out the whole letter either if anyone knows what it means or says that would be fantastic, Has a salty old smell

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    Strangest line of perforations I've ever seen.........


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    Hello, the invention of the printing press thrust mankind on this planet quicker and further into modernization than any other, I find it quite fascinating. Because of this, the printing industry moves extremely fast. Up until the point where everyone now has a PC, computer, Iphone, google or an app for every piece of knowledge unknown, words in print was what we had. Funny, my grandmother used to tell me "Don't believe everything you read". I wish people would apply these words of wisdom to their magical devices that give them all of the worlds knowledge at their fingertips. Sorry just a little off track, Anyhow, strange as they may seem, what you are looking at on the paper in question is a perf line. Perfs are applied by a wheel with little "teeth" . This was meant to be folded on this line and then removed, just like a modern day perf, but modern day perfs are more neatly and uniformly done because the technology is just better, more fine tuned if you will. Does't really matter, perfs to this day, sometimes just don't work. One more time, I wish I could see this paper in person to examine it and maybe clear up the mystery..

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