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SS newspaper original?

Article about: Hi guys i did buy a group of items, i did not plan on buy them all but did on the spur of the moment i normally check everything before, but he seemed like a genuine collector this a a SS ne

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    MAP is online now


    I'm no expert so maybe others could provide some advice as well but unless you get uv glass and acid free materials, the paper will age and yellow over time as it is exposed to light.

    As noted. I made a high quality scan of my document and display that. Knowing the the original is safe and sound.

    But this is just my preference.

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    Quote by ironcross13 View Post
    Hi michael im thinking of putting it in a frame and putting it on the wall is that a bad thing to do?

    I would put it in a normal frame , you can get them off ebay quite cheap. Normal Plexi-glass is 30% more UV resistant than normal glass, as long as its not in direct sunlight it would be ok, put some acid free backing behind it, it will be fine, its not a Monet


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    I have several copies of Das Schwarze Korps. Most are put away, but I have these 2 displayed on the wall in my gun room. Both are 6 Juni - 1940 u. 44. Makes a nice pair.
    The only time there is light on them is when I'm in the room and have the light on.
    Don't seem to have a photo of both, but here is one of them.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    You Do have one Helluva nice collection, Sarge...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    thanks for all the comments guys, how much is a copy worth?


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    Quote by ironcross13 View Post
    thanks for all the comments guys, how much is a copy worth?

    25 ? as with all things, depends on condition and the content, the more interesting subject, the more expensive I would suppose

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    Quote by HistoryMan View Post
    25 ? as with all things, depends on condition and the content, the more interesting subject, the more expensive I would suppose
    Yep, agree with that, sometimes, and I mean sometimes, it's the content that is worth much more that the condition. I've had quite a few of these in the past some interesting, some very interesting, and some downright bloody boring

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    from "Der Schwarze Korps Waffen SS newspapers" are for sale at $125 each.
    a bit on the high end?

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    thanks guys
    shame i can't speak german

    i did pay about 20 for it as part of a group
    so not bad just need to put in in a frame now

    where can i get acid free backing?

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    Acid free archival materials can be bought here:

    - Home

    You need to learn some German to achieve success in this hobby.

    Cheers, Ade.
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