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Third reich "mad scientist's" photo

Article about: Wouldn't the skull patch merely indicate lab technicians working with poisons? Lab coats of today might include biohazard symbols.

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    Quote by StefanM View Post
    Ebayers sell Swann Morton scalpel blades and handles... 23b blades are also good for scrapping but require a larger handle size than 10As...or you can just use the blades without handles.
    Well gee, I should of thought of that lol... Will I have difficulty taking off the scrapbook paper from the photo's back? Should I steam it first?

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    Circuit advertisement Third reich "mad scientist's" photo
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    The trick is to very gently scrape the fibres away layer by layer with the blade edge perpendicular to the paper rather than trying to peel the glued cartridge paper away from the photo backing paper with the blade which will only tear it away and the caption with it. Adding steam will crinkle the photo as will trying to dab the glued paper with a wetted cotton bud etc to remove it.
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    I wonder how a disposable razor would work in trying to shave away the paper gently...just wondering lol. I'll order that scalpel from Ebay. Thanks again!

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    Here's a photo I found while searching the internet of the SS lab coats that we know of:

    Third reich "mad scientist's" photo

    And here is my pic:

    Third reich "mad scientist's" photo

    I wonder what is in those cans on shelves...

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    ....baked beans?

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    And now have a look at this:

    Third reich "mad scientist's" photo

    (from SS patch for sport shirt with skull, I have never seen , the image having been originally posted over on the Wehrmacht Awards Forum.)

    In fact, said thread at the WAF from three years ago was where I originally got the notion from that this was a variant of the Totenkopfschwimmerabzeichen. I knew I had seen the swimsuit photo before, but had not saved it and for the life of me wasn't able to find it again. Thus, I could not say with absolute certainty whether it really was the exact same patch or not... but it is indeed!

    So, the SS insignia theory is thoroughly dead in the water now and the swimming patch theory has bobbed to the surface again.

    Its wear on the lab coats is still a bit of a riddle, though...

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